We get it: you’re looking for cheap electricity, and you discover a Free Nights electricity plan or a Free Weekends electricity plan, and you think, “Great! I can afford a lot of free.”

Let’s start off by saying that at Pogo, we’re completely transparent with our customers – no tricks, gimmicks or “gotchas!” We’re here to let you know that the Free Nights electricity plans and Free Weekend electricity plans are a trick – Don’t fall for them!

Here’s the catch – Those nights may provide free electricity, but did you know that during those daytime hours, you’re paying more than double to keep your lights on?

That’s not a typo – More. Than. Double.

You could pay as much as 15.6¢ per kWh for your peak, daytime electricity on these plans. A typical energy rate for standard, non-gimmick plan is about 6.5¢ per kWh – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

Those Free Nights electricity plans are absolutely crazy (not to mention unfair)! With a plan like that, you could be over-paying for your electricity by $30 every single month (that’s $360 a year!) – Didn’t they say you were getting FREE electricity?

And we haven’t even taken into account their early cancellation fees – Up to $295! Plus they have deposits, credit checks and other month-end BS (Bill Shock!) – Pogo Energy doesn’t!

Pogo Energy customers could save $395 a year or more compared to the other guy’s “Free Nights” plans.* Plus, we provide 100% renewable, clean energy – So you can save money while you save the world! All in a day’s work…

Check to see if we provide 100% renewable energy for your home, with no deposit and no tricks. Then have a great rest of your day because it only takes you 2 minutes to enroll, with no strings attached. Really, it’s that easy!

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