We all want to save money on our energy bills. Sick of opening your bill at the end of the month and nearly fainting when you see how much money you owe? Tired of feeling like your energy company is ripping you off? Hey, we can’t blame you for wanting cheap electricity.

But hold on just a second. Cheap electricity isn’t a very straightforward term. See, if you’re paying a lot on your energy bills, it’s not because of the electricity you’re getting. It’s because of the company that you’re giving your money to.

Is cheap electricity worse than expensive electricity?

Absolutely not! It all comes from the same place and on the same grid. Otherwise, cheap energy is exactly the same thing. Your lights won’t flicker if you opt for the so-called cheap electricity.

Why is some electricity expensive?

Ever see how many hidden fees there are on your bill? Things added to the bottom line that have nothing to do with your usage or rates? Yeah, Texans pay way too many hidden fees, and they can effectively jack up your bill.

If anything, you’re paying more because the companies care far more about their profit margins than they do about you.

So, I shouldn’t just choose the cheapest rate for electricity, then?
In an ideal world, yeah, you’d just pick the cheapest rate. That would rock, right? But that’s not how it works.

Unfortunately, advertised rates are rarely what you’ll actually end up paying. Between that laundry list of hidden fees, crazy deposits to start service and higher rates at certain hours (see: ‘free nights and weekends’ plans, your electricity will be anything but cheap.

Sooooo… What you’re saying is, cheap electricity doesn’t exist?
Not necessarily!

Don’t call us cheap, but if you go with Pogo, odds are you’ll be saving a ton of money on your energy costs. For one, we have no hidden fees… ever! We also have no deposit with our prepaid electricity plan. Say goodbye to disconnect fees, reconnect fees, connection fees, hidden rate spikes, low balance fees and customer service headaches that you’ve experienced with the other guys.

Basically… the only reason why you don’t already have cheap electricity is because you’re dealing with the other guys’ B.S. You know, Bill Shock! And the other definition, too.

Either way, you’ve been paying for B.S. – and you shouldn’t have to. That’s why we’re here!

Wait, did you say prepaid?

Good eye! Yes, we did, but don’t fret – we’re different than the prepaid energy providers you’ve heard so much about. We don’t supplement our revenue with hidden fees, instead, we give you a fair deal and promise to be fully transparent.

How else can Pogo help me save money?
Rates (and fees) are only part of the picture. The other part is your usage, something that the other guys won’t tell you about until your bill comes in. With Pogo, you’re in control. We send daily text alerts showing you how much electricity you’re using, which helps you save energy and save money at the same time!

Reducing your rates and cutting out fees is the closest thing to cheap electricity that you’ll find.

Anything else I should know?

Well, in addition to providing the proverbial cheap electricity (that’s actually the same electricity, just with ethical business practices), our energy is 100% clean and comes from renewable sources. You won’t just be saving money, you’ll be saving the world. We think that’s pretty neat.

How do I start?
You can get started for as little as $20, and your first three days are on the house! No catch, no annual contracts, no more regretting your thermostat settings. Sure, cheap electricity may be a bit of a misnomer, but with Pogo, you can save up to $398 per year with our auto prepaid electricity option.*

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