Using Light Companies With No Deposit

If you live in Texas, then you know it is not good to go without air-conditioning during the summer months. However, the problem you are facing is that your credit may not be good enough to get regular electricity without paying a deposit. Some companies will charge on average between $300 to $400 for you to get service with them. Not only that, if you pay the deposit there is no guarantee that you will receive service the same day. That is a lot of money to deposit that you may not have at the moment but it is hot and you need electricity now. So how do you find light companies with no deposit? Do not panic, there is a solution. You can get pre-paid electricity, and get your service started the same day. Pogo Energy will not only get your service started for as little as $20, but there is no credit check either. Charge up your account with money and pay as you go. Pogo Energy is one of the top light companies with no deposit in Dallas Texas.

The Traditional Energy Company and Plan

The great thing about Texas is that the electricity is deregulated. That means you can go to any company you want for your electricity service. Because of this, there are companies that compete for your business. They offer a wide assortment of energy plans that could meet the needs of your home or business. Traditional energy companies have you enter into a contract plan for the kilowatts you are paying for. Most of these contracts have an early termination fee if you cancel out of your plan. A bill is generated every month and you have to pay it in order to keep your service. If you do not pay that bill, the energy company can place a switch-hold on to your account until you do. You will not be able to get electric service or switch to another company until your balance is paid. This can happen when hard times hit.

Prepaid Energy Companies Can be a Better Choice

With a pre-paid energy service you do not have to worry about any of that. You do not have the shock of seeing a bill you can’t afford to pay. You do not have to worry about cancellation fees or stress about not be able to switch providers. Decide which regular provider you want for your electricity service, you can do the same with prepaid service. You are in control of what you pay and when you pay it. In Texas you have the power to choose. Why not have it all the way by putting you in control of your bill?
So would pre-paid electricity be better than getting a regular monthly bill? You do not have to worry about a credit check and you do not need a lot of money to get your service started. If you have $40 on you, that will equal out to two weeks of electric service. That is how cheap your electricity can be. Some companies would only require you put down as little as $20. Pogo Energy will match your $20 when you make the first initial payment. As you can see, that sounds better than having a high $300 light bill during the summer because of the heat. Plus, you do not have to worry about surprises from the fees showing up on your bill. With pre-paid electricity you get to control how much you spend and how much you need.

The Benefits of Going with Pogo Energy

There are other pre-paid companies out there but let’s look at Pogo Energy to see why they stand out above the rest. Aside from the fact that they are a no deposit light company, they do not raise their rates as fast as other companies. Now when it gets about 100 degrees in Texas, that can pull on your ac unit. That may cause your rate to go up. However, Pogo Energy will still have the cheapest rates available even during the hot summer months. So even though they raise them a little, you can still save about $300. Also, to help you during the hard times this company offers a deferred payment plan. So if you do not have money at the moment to keep your electricity going, you can sign up for the plan and not lose service. When you are able to pay, you can put 90 percent of your money towards your electricity bill and 10 percent toward the deferment plan to repay it. There are no interest or hidden fees when paying the plan off. Just pay back what you owe. So that bill is cheap too. Sometime the unexpected loss of a job can happen and you need to keep your electricity on. That is why Pogo Energy offers the deferment plan to help you out when the unexpected hits you.

Sign Up With Pogo Today

With Pogo Energy, there is never a bill. You can relax and just enjoy your service. You are not hit with late fees or restoration fees. When you need to add more money for your electricity to stay on, there is no fee in most cases. You can go online and pay or do it over the phone free of charge. If you need assistance with your bill Pogo Energy does accept payments from charities and organizations on your behalf. Should you need further assistance remember the deferment plan is always available for your use. So there is no need for you to go without.
How do you get started? Sign up for service and pay as little as $20 to start your service. You can have payments deducted automatically if you would like to have peace of mind. With Pogo Energy you can take the hassle out of keeping your lights on. Let us be your no deposit electricity provider.
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