What does it mean to get green energy?

Our choice of an energy company impacts the environment and your community. If you are like us and want to reduce your carbon footprint, you realize the importance of green electricity. When you sign up with an electric company that provides 100% renewable energy, your payment finances the production of more renewable energy, and your electric company purchases power from wind and solar farms as a renewable electricity certificate (REC) on your behalf.

We get it, green, clean, renewable energy doesn’t sound reliable, and you need reliability. But power from renewable sources IS reliable. Renewable energy does NOT stop flowing if the wind is not blowing or there is an overcast, and the sun doesn’t come out. When you choose green electricity, you don’t have to install solar panels either. All you need to do is sign up with Pogo. Pogo Energy is a power company that utilizes and distributes clean electricity to you. To sweeten the experience of going green, Pogo does not require you to sign a contract or pay a hefty deposit. Pogo helps you reduce your carbon footprint, and all you need to do is click that green enroll button below to switch.

 NERD ALERT: How does Pogo help reduce my carbon footprint?

Pogo purchases enough renewable energy certificates (RECs) equivalent to your electricity usage at home. Each REC represents about 1,000-kilowatt hours (kWh) of renewable energy. Buying RECs counterbalances the production of power from fossil fuels. For example, if you use 2000kWh of power in your home, Pogo Energy purchases RECs in an amount equivalent to 2000kWh to counteract the 2000kWh you used at home (aka your carbon footprint). 


How do you get green energy in Texas?

Let’s back up a second and give a quick recap on the almighty power grid. The Texas power grid distributes the power generated by energy sources across Texas. Where the energy comes from does not matter, it is combined in the power grid. There’s no separate power grid for fossil fuel-only energy or only renewable energy. Then, it’s sent to the state utility transmission companies (the TDUs), which are responsible for physically connecting the power to your home (FYI, when your power goes out, it’s the TDUs responsibility to turn it back on – not Pogo’s). Retail electricity providers (like Pogo) sell the electricity. However, TDUs only turn the power on in your home after you sign up with your chosen electricity provider. That’s how you get your electricity, and that’s why you see a transmission or TDU energy charge on your electric bill each month.

If it’s all mixed together, then how does Pogo provide 100% clean energy?

Power companies purchase energy from power generator companies. Pogo Energy only buys renewable electricity certificates (RECs) from wind and solar power farms. The quantity of RECs purchased by Pogo is equivalent to the kilowatt hours (kWh) you use to power your home. This means that Pogo essentially purchases these RECs on your behalf. Unlike the other guys, it’s at no additional or marked-up cost to you. The money used to buy RECs supports the continuation of renewable energy generation. by the wind and solar power that Pogo purchases. So, you can be sure every electron that doesn’t come from a current or solar farm is purchased as a carbon offset through Pogo Energy.

When you choose a light company that provides green energy you support renewable energy generation. The more people that choose renewable energy, the more renewable energy will be generated.. That’s how your choice of electric company can positively impact the environment.

With Pogo Energy, you won’t charged extra to impact the environment positively. Ready to reduce your carbon footprint? Go green to save green.

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