You’ve done your research as you search for a new light company. You spent endless hours on websites looking for the best deal and posted on social media, asking friends for recommendations. Why does looking for a power company take more effort than finding a date (and it’s a lot less fun)?

Finding a Light Company that fits your needs is harder than finding a date!

So, you finally found one you think works for you: no contract, no connect or disconnect fees, low rate, no deposit, and no late fees. On paper you’re a perfect match! You’re all ready to go and hit the “sign me up” button, but at the last minute, you realize it’s prepaid electricity. UGH! You weren’t looking for a prepaid light company. You don’t know if prepaid is right for you. Sure they’re perfect for you and all… But now you’re back to square one on finding Mr./Ms. Light. But, wait…Are you?

Think about what prepaid actually does for you: knowing what you’re getting yourself into  before you’re stuck with it. And now you start to realize everything that you prepay for already! You don’t get off of a plane and get a surprise bill. Just imagine. With everything airlines nickel and dime you for these days, they might hand you a bill with a surcharge for not going down in a fiery crash. Well, you did ask for ice and get up to use the bathroom.

You prepay for concert tickets, your Starbucks order, your Toll Tag, your groceries, your gas. You pay for hundreds of products and services before you use, eat, enjoy or consume them. The reason you do this is that you know exactly what you are getting for your money.

An Electric Company where YOU decide

It’s the same with prepaid electricity–even better because you decide how much your bill is going to be. With Pogo Energy there are no deposits, no commitments, and no cancellation fees. So what’s the risk? Anything you don’t use if you cancel gets refunded back you you. What a concept! You only pay for what you use–no hidden fees, no disconnect charges, no joke.

Sign Up Without Paying An Arm and A Leg

Get started for as little as $20 and recharge whenever you want. It’s actually better than when the dreaded electricity bill comes, and it’s never what you expect (and not in a good way). The bill shock is real. You realize that attractive rate that you thought you were getting was just a teaser, and after they’ve heaped on all of the hidden fees and charges, your perfect 10 went to a zero in a hurry. Why risk a blind date with your electricity bill, especially when they’re usually an expensive date too?

Making that connection can be electric, figuratively and literally. Wouldn’t it be nice to know someone’s quirks to find out if you are a good match before spending a substantial amount of time and money. This is why pay as you go electric plans are such a great match for so many people. There are no long term contracts, so if you aren’t a match you can just leave. There’s no expensive dinners either, $20 gets your electricity turned on. No awkward probing questions because there are no credit checks, and you never get rejected because everyone is guaranteed to get power turned on.

We Are More Than Your Average Light Company

Pogo Energy has more than a great personality. Sure, we’re 100% clean energy, no contract, no connect or disconnect fees, and we’re also prepaid, which is something you wanted all along but didn’t know it. Prepaid electricity means you decide what your bill is going to be and how often you’re going to pay it. Sound good? Now, are you ready to break up with your current provider? Once you do- you know where to find us and we are always available for you!

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