Lately, every time we log onto our social channels, we see posts with graphics that are charting the spread of coronavirus along with the historical amount of unemployment claims. We are all in uncharted territory as we experience a new level of stress where saving money to stretch every penny holds vital importance. 

  We are right here with you and waiting for good news as we are being bombarded with the worst-case scenario of where our country and economy are headed in the weeks and months to come.  We totally get it, you are freaking out. But before you go into overdrive let us shave some of the stress off the top with, Everything You Need To Know To Survive the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Saving Money & Stretching Your Dollar By Using Power Wisely-

How to keep your energy usage in check to make sure your keep your electric affordable:

saving money during pandemic

Googling “energy saving tips” will usually lead to things like “get new windows” or “install a smart thermostat” – those things work in the long run, but they’re useless for those of us who are renting and/or don’t have funds available to invest in expensive upgrades at the moment. Y’all know this already, but the easiest way to reduce your bill is to reduce your usageThat is why we send you daily text alerts – so you know exactly how much electricity you’re using each day.  

Here are a few simple tips to reduce your electric usage to save money;

  • Simplify your wardrobe – pick out a few outfits that you can wash in the cold cycle since that uses less energy than warm or hot laundry loads. 
  • Make sure every load of laundry is a full load of laundry.  
  • Pick one or two “meeting only” formal shirts, wear them on video conference calls only, then hang them right back up. They won’t get *that* dirty from an hour or two of use. Nobody will know if you wear the same two shirts for a couple of weeks. Maybe throw on the occasional sweater to throw them off the scent. (saving money is a sacrifice- but we believe in you). 
  • This is a wonderful time to keep your windows open!  
  • Try to avoid using the oven if your A/C is on – it’ll heat your living space, making your A/C work overtime.  
  • Make sure you only leave kitchen vents and bathroom vents running when you need them to run. They suck out air- which means that cool air that you have paid for, is leaving.  
  • Unplug. If a devise does not need to be plugged into an outlet or turned on, unplug it, or turn it off.  
  • Check into window film for your home windows. Home window film reduces heat, helps maintain inside temperatures, blocks UV rays and is cheaper than replacing your windows. 
  • Not to mention- with window film installed, you can keep the lights off during the day and let natural light shine through and help your overall mood.  

Want even more tips to help save money on your electric bill? Check out our blog and we give more tips and tricks to reduce your energy consumption.


How to stay social while practicing social distancing and staying in isolation:  

  We all miss our happy hours, gym buddies and small talk at the office. For many, the toughest part of COVID-19 has been social distancing and isolation. If you’re a social butterfly, you may want to consider trying one of these suggestions to keep you as close to sane as you were before COVID-19: 

  • Phone conversations, you know an actual conversation (not text messaging) with family and friends to keep you feeling connected. 
  • Sharing surveys and “challenges” on Instagram and Facebook and tagging your friends 
  • If you’re working from home, coordinate video lunch breaks  
  • Start a book club and a Discord channel or group text to discuss  
  • Venture outside and take a walk. (don’t forget to adhere to the social distancing guidelines).  

Don’t feel pressured to be productive: 

  “I could do this job from home, and I’d have so much time to do more personal projects!” 

  Odds are, you’ve said this to yourself at some point over the last few months before any of this stuff happened. And if you’re like us, you have discovered that you are not as productive as you thought you would be. Sure, maybe you’re getting all of your work done, but the dishes and laundry are piling up, or you keep seeing all of your friends sharing Instagram workout challenge but you can’t muster up the energy to match them. Don’t worry about it.  

toilet paper covid-19We’re all going through an unprecedented, ongoing traumatic event. You may be feeling anxious- maybe a little lost or even overwhelmed with all the changes and restrictions, but do not worry – it doesn’t mean that you’re failing. Try to find something to be happy about, thankful for and something to find joy in every day and focus on that for a bit.

Consider a new hobby, video games, a board game with the kids, or cleaning out the closet to feel productive and accomplished. Find time for happiness and find time for you. 

  (side note-please refrain from any hobby having to do with toilet paperthat stuff is in short supply for some of us).  

(As the great Celine Dion so powerfully stated, “All By Myself, Don’t Wanna Be All By Myself… ANYMORE…”) But since we have little choice in the matter, let us share some thoughts and insight into who we are, as individuals and as a company. As anyone who follows us on social media can attest to, we are often described as being an eccentric group’ that is full of ‘personality. Like the rest of the nation, our sanity is being tried as we settle into the wonderful world of social distancing.  

Whether you’re on the front lines helping patients fight coronavirus in the ICU, working at a grocery store to ensure that people can still get groceries or even if you’re just practicing social distancing, we all need to do our part to slow the spread of COVID-19.  

We started Pogo Energy because we have never found an electric company that we *liked* – and we wanted to change that. We did not set out to be “the best”. We set out to be different, honest, and transparentWe want to be the perfect company for your needs – whether you are just in it for a(n electric) hook-up or a long-term light solution.  

All of this led us here: 

  • No hidden fees (they are dumb and bad!)  
  • No long-term contracts (also dumb and bad!)  
  • No deposit (bad and dumb!!)  
  • No BS (meaning Bill Shock, but also meaning exactly what you think it means)  

We are fans of keeping it real, so it made sense to build a company that strives to do the sameWe are not in the price gauging or fee exploiting business; we are in the “helping out the people in our community” business.  

 Our goal is – has been –and will always be, to bring empathy and fairness to an industry that has been lacking in such qualities for far too long.  

To the essential personnel:   covid 19 essential workers

Keep in mind, this won’t last forever, and even if what we once considered to be our normal is left in the past, we are here for you, today, tomorrow and for as long as you need us. If you are struggling, please check out these useful Covid-19 Resources. Pogo Energy thanks all of those on the front line. To every grocery store employee, pharmacist, doctor, nurse, veterinarian, and supply distributor, you are appreciated.  

  From our family to yours- Stay home- Stay safe, and we hope that you are staying sane. 

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