Pogo Promise

Our commitment to you

Our promise

We commit to treat you fairly and provide you low-cost electricity. We’re out to treat you right. We commit to no tricks, gimmicks or hidden fees. We commit to no “gotchas” like the other guys. We make this promise to you.

Power-on guarantee

We commit to keep your power on. Pogo Energy will not turn off your power at night, weekends or holidays – and certainly not during extreme weather (hot or cold) as determined by your TDU. As long as your power is on going into the night, weekend, holiday or extreme weather day, we will keep it on for you, even if your account balance goes negative during that time.

Satisfaction guarantee

We commit to keep you happy. We’re so confident you’ll love Pogo that if you’re ever unhappy with our service at any time, you can switch to another provider, without penalty, and we will refund any unused service balance (net of any print and post fee). Please note that customers on a Deferred Payment Plan (DPP) will need to pay their outstanding balance before switching.

Pre-approved payment plans

We commit to help you out. We pre-approve all our customers for a Deferred Payment Plan (DPP) without any fees, interest or credit checks (up to $10 initially). This way, if your account balance ever goes negative and you need a little help paying that balance, we have you covered.
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