Pogo Energy Helps Keep the Lights On

How to report a power outage

  1. Take a deep breath

  2. Call the TDU (aka, your utility company) – see contact info below

  3. Weather permitting, redeem your Pogo Rewards & go get some tacos, see a movie, or walk around a mall until the power is back on

Report outages ASAP to your local
Transmission & Distribution Utilities (TDU)

Texas TDU Contact Information

Not sure who your TDU is?

Here’s a map from the Texas PUC of the Texas Transmission & Distribution Utilities map

Why do I have to call the TDU, can’t Pogo just turn my power on?

You know we love helping you, but we don’t have the final control to turn your power on, that’s what your TDU does. While we do support you and your electricity service, we don’t actually generate your power nor do we manage the extensive network (aka “The Grid”) that delivers the electricity to your home. This grid is the responsibility of the TDU, and they are responsible for power outages and repairs. So while we’ll do everything we can to keep your lights on, in the event of a grid or system power outage, you need to talk to your TDU.

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