Prepaid Power

Most energy companies would have you believe the old saying of “No deposit, no return.” To be put simply, if you do not make a deposit, you will not receive any electricity in your home. Quite a few energy companies make a policy of charging a deposit to customers, even if they have never had an energy bill in their name. Consequently, if you live in an area where the bill is supposedly higher than normal, you could be tagged with a large deposit.

How Prepaid Energy Works

To make a comparison with how prepaid power works, it can be likened to a prepaid phone card plan. You pay in advance for a certain amount of talk/text time and when the balance falls below a certain point, another payment will need to be made to continue service.

Prepaid power works the same way. Instead of asking for a huge deposit upfront and then be faced with a monthly bill (and bill shock), Pogo Energy customers simply add funds to create a positive balance on their account to keep the lights on.

Will There Be a Monthly Bill?

Unlike traditional power companies, which charge after the fact, prepaid power does not issue a monthly bill. Services are paid in advance and as long as there is a positive balance on your account, there is no need to issue additional funds.

With prepaid energy, there are no reconnect fees, no late payment fees or other hidden charges that come with traditional power companies. Many of them have customers over a barrel. Ever look at your energy bill and see that little charge for simply being a customer? With prepaid power, you can say goodbye to that charge as well. All fees are paid upfront, in advance with no surprises or BS (bill shock) at the end of the month.

How Will I Be Contacted About My Lights and Power?

Unlike a traditional power company that puts a notice in a monthly statement (which a lot of people do not read), prepaid power companies will issue notices in a variety of ways. Be sure to update all your contact information to make it easier to contact you. Update your cell phone number, email addresses, if they change, etc. to ensure that they can reach you with important updates.

Prepaid power can be turned off if the balance falls below a certain amount. Remember, services are not paid on how much energy you have used, but on how much you will use for a given month. There is a big difference in the terms “have used” and “will use”. With Pogo, we’ve got your back and if you need a little extra help with your account we’re here to help with our no strings attached Deferred Payment Plan, or DPP. We also won’t request to turn your lights off on weekends or holidays.

It’s just like a prepaid phone plan that tells you that you have X amount of minutes or data available before you have to buy another payment card.

Take Control of Skyrocketing Energy Costs

Prepaid power is a fantastic way to keep more money in your pocket. And with Pogo Energy, it’s also a way to help save the world with our 100% renewable clean energy. Go green and save green. Instead of hoping that the kids are not running the air conditioner when you are not home, you can relax and stay cool while remaining in your pre-planned budget. 

Sign up with Pogo Energy and say goodbye to:

  • Customer service charges
  • Distribution fees
  • Peak usage fees

And so much more!!!


Prepaid power is the wave of the future. Instead of the constant dread of opening a flaming energy bill, your home can stay warm and cool throughout the year.

Don’t hesitate to take advantage of Pogo Energy’s no-risk electricity plan today. Sign up today in less than 60 seconds online or chat with our support team to get enrolled.

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