Prepaid Lights

Why Customers Are Choosing Prepaid Lights

How many things do we invest in or buy on a daily basis that we end up not using? Endless amounts of memberships and subscriptions go unused, items get tossed into our closets and tickets to events go unattended. However, we all use lights on a daily basis and if we invest in electricity to power those lights ahead of time, we know for a fact we will use them – especially during those dark winter months. Unfortunately, the market has made it so that many individuals who have gone through hard times and have marks on their credit find it hard or difficult to get their electricity turned on when they move into a new place, leaving them with very few options. With Pogo Energy, you can prepay for your electrical needs, making sure that your lights stay on and you aren’t stuck with an outstanding bill you can’t afford at the end of every month. Plus, there is no contract and your first 3 days are free, so if you are unsatisfied for any reason, you will not be penalized for termination at any time and there is no risk for trying out this amazing new concept. Just like people are paying for their cell phone plans in advance, movie tickets and ride shares, prepaid lights now run on the same idea.

Working with You, Guaranteed

There is nothing more frustrating than moving into a new home, only to find that you can’t turn your lights on because your credit is so poor that the power company refuses to take a risk on your paying your bill on your time. With Pogo, no one is turned away. With as little as $20 (cash or card) you can get your lights turned on the same day. You buy before you use it, and Pogo sends you daily SMS text message updates with your daily usage and account balance. That way, you run no risk of running up a high bill that you cannot afford. When your balance is getting low, you get an alert and you can just add more money. This is a great option for those who are trying to manage their budget, who are home sporadically, or who want to take back control of their budget with prepaid lights.

How Can You Get Started?

It’s so easy! With as little as $20 (cash or card), you can prepay for your lights and get them turned on the same day. It’s that simple. Of course, you can put down more than that, depending on how much you use. There is no need for a deposit. You don’t have to make any kind of a commitment, there is no runaround, and certainly no confusing contract that you can’t understand. Each day you will be updated on how much electricity you use and what your balance is. This is one of the most inexpensive and suitable ways to manage your lighting and other electrical needs.

Better for the Planet

It has been shown that those who have prepaid lighting are more conservative with their energy usage because they are able to see on a daily basis where their money is going. Also, the prepaid energy that you are purchasing from Pogo is 100% renewable. So, if saving the planet is part of your ethical standards, this is certainly the way to go.

Not Enough?

Still on the fence? If we haven’t got you convinced that this is the way to go, we will keep making it sweeter. Each month, we reward our customers with $25 in Pogo Rewards dollars. You can use these benefits to save in more than half a million ways…literally. Whether you like online shopping, eating at local restaurants, staying at hotels, going to the movies, Pogo Rewards can be redeemed for lots of ways to treat yourself. If that still isn’t enough, let us prove it to you. Why not take advantage of our no-risk offer of three days of free prepaid electricity and let us put our money where our mouth is. Turn on your lights and you will see it all works the same. However, this time, you are in control.

Don’t hesitate to take advantage of Pogo Energy’s no-risk electricity plan today. Sign up today in less than 60 seconds online or chat with our support team to get enrolled.

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