Prepaid Electricity in Plano, TX

That’s right, y’all! Prepaid electricity is available in Plano, TX from Pogo Energy. Plano residents can now get electricity.

Just like prepaid phone service, this gives people a way to get electricity without worrying about credit problems. There are also no problems if something occurs causing to disconnect early, as there will be no penalty with this option. Guaranteed acceptance means that people who have had other problems in life do not have to worry about not having working stoves or hot water. People need to get back on their feet at times.

Clean Energy

Another bonus with Pogo Energy is using clean and renewable sources. There are very few options for this in Plano. People can sleep well at night knowing that they are not hurting the environment while staying cool during the Texas summers (and warm during unusually cold winters) while using a prepaid energy plan. No matter where you live, even if it’s further north than McKinney ;), there are always people who want to be kinder to the environment. People can be good citizens of this beautiful planet by signing up for Pogo Energy with as little as $20 to get started. Texans of Plano don’t have to worry about polluting the environment while taking a hot shower after a long day at work.

No fees

Another way that other companies drain a customer’s wallet is with fees. There are SO many fees. Many companies, not just electric companies, use fees as a way to pad their bottom line. Pogo Energy customers do not have to worry about all these costs. They pay their set amount. While cramming, which means adding charges to an electric bill for services not asked for, is illegal, companies find ways around this with their contracts. This is not the case at Pogo. Customers can get their electricity and not worry about being charged anything extra. Plus, we send you daily text messages with the amount you used, and how much is left in your account balance so you know exactly when it’s time to charge up.

Texas Born

In case y’all didn’t already know, Pogo Electricity was created in Texas by Texans. That means that while talking with someone from Pogo, someone from out of town could ask where the best barbecue is and get an answer.

People can choose for prepaid electricity and not have to worry about the normal concerns. A person does not have to worry if their credit is a little less than able to get them accepted. There is no worry about harming the local environment where their kids play. They do not have to worry about their budget, because Pogo’s got your back with our no strings attached Deferred Payment Plan, or DPP. There is no worry about opening the bill and finding new fees – say goodbye to BS (bill shock). All of this and more for y’all, brought to you by fellow Texans.

Don’t hesitate to take advantage of Pogo Energy’s no-risk electricity plan today. Sign up today in less than 60 seconds online or chat with our support team to get enrolled.

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