Save up to $408*
on Prepaid Electricity

Pogo Prepaid Electricity Gives You Power.

No Surprises, No Hidden Fees. Just Energy You Can Count On.


Prepaid Electricity Can Help You Save Big!

Have you ever opened a water or electric bill and been shocked at what you owe? You knew that the A/C ran a little harder because of the heat, or that your visiting in-laws took really long showers, but you had no idea that the cost would be so high.

“Well, there goes next month’s budget,” you think. Not a good feeling, is it?

Imagine running a tab everywhere you shop for everyday goods, without knowing the prices or how much you’re spending along the way. At the end of the month, you’d look at your bill and say, “Wow! How did we spend so much this month?”

You buy groceries before you eat them, right? The same goes for clothes and school supplies. You pay for them as you go. You know what you need and what you have to spend, so you shop accordingly.

You prepay for a lot of things you don’t even think about – your morning latte, tickets to the game, oh, and that gym membership. Except you’ll actually use your electricity. Prepaid allows you to know what you’re paying for before you use it. By choosing prepaid electricity there is no need for the credit checks required by traditional post-pay electricity plans. And with Pogo, you can cancel anytime without penalty, so there’s no risk.

Guaranteed Acceptance

Traditional post-pay electricity plans make you jump through hoops before they’ll connect power to your home or apartment. And even then, they may not accept you. With Pogo prepaid electricity plans everyone is guaranteed to be accepted. Our prepaid electricity plan works similar to prepaid debit cards, the money you prepay goes toward powering your home. With a prepaid electricity plan, you fund your account with money that pays for the electricity that you plan to use before you use it. This is different from a traditional postpaid electricity plan where you receive a bill at the end of the month and pay for the electricity after you use it.

Lose the Hassle, Take Back Control with Prepaid Electricity

  • Start for as little as $20 and get your lights on the same day
  • No deposits, no commitments, and no more BS (bill shock or the other kind)
  • Always know what you’re using with daily updates
  • No connection fees or confusing long-term contracts

If you are looking to avoid a large deposit and avoid bill shock, then you’ve come to the right place. There is no need to break out a pile of cash to get your power turned on with Pogo. We’re committed to providing an affordable and convenient electricity option to everyone.

When you purchase your electricity upfront, you avoid receiving a monthly bill and the unfair hidden fees the postpay companies love to add to their bills. The only thing you get from Pogo is peace of mind, and an alert if your balance ever gets low. And don’t worry if cash is a little tight one week, we’re ready and willing to help you keep your lights on. You’re pre-approved for a no interest, no fee Deferred Payment Plan (DPP) if you ever need it.

Say Goodbye to Fees

With Pogo there are no deposits, no connect, disconnect or reconnect fees, no late payment fees, no low balance fees, and no gimmicks or “gotchas.” You stay in control of how much you pay. Simply charge up online, via phone, or at any one of our thousands of Pogo Cash locations across Texas.

Since the deregulation of the Texas energy market, Pogo has been able to offer flexible prepaid electricity plans that eliminate the hidden fees and need for monthly bills. Only pay for what your budget allows without the fear of the unknown electricity bill.

So What's the Catch?

The bad news is that if you’re not with Pogo, you’ve probably been overpaying for electricity. Ever open that July bill and have to sit down from the shock? Instead of that unpleasant surprise every month, with prepaid electricity you know what you’re paying – before it happens. At Pogo, we believe in charging a fair price and giving you control of how much you spend. When you become a customer, we win. When we charge you less and ditch the fees, you win. And with 100% clean energy, everyone wins. It’s a simple math: happy customers = good business.

*$408 and other savings claims based on enrollment in Autopay and electricity in Texas comparison to Reliant’s Power On Flex plan as of 6/23/2022 for 1,000 kWh of usage per month in Oncor TDU area; savings based on full year of usage. If you are receiving a discount while enrolled in autopay, you may lose this discount immediately when you de-enroll from autopay (or if we de-enroll you from autopay for reasons outlined in the TOS). Promotional funds available for Pogo Energy services only and not refundable. Same day power-on depends on your TDU’s ability to process our request timely to have your power turned on – we control a lot of things, but we can’t control how fast your TDU processes new power-on requests (the TDU apparently doesn’t embrace modern technology).

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