Abilene Prepaid Electricity

If you live in Abilene, TX, and are looking for the highest quality possible of electricity service, there are dozens that provide “quality.” But, the problem is that to get top-of-the-line electricity service, you normally need to pay a pretty penny which eventually can cost extra than helping you save. On average, electricity bills can cost $128.50 per month or $1,542.00 annually, and that’s only for residents in the great state of Texas. These prices may be no problem for some people, but most people have a budget and shouldn’t have to pay extra money if they don’t have to.

Don’t worry, there’s good news: people don’t actually have to pay that average price for their electricity, thanks to Pogo Energy and their great prepaid electricity service. This electric service company has helped hundreds of customers within the Abilene community by saving them a lot of money on their electricity bills. They offer 100% clean, renewable energy as a prepaid service which makes it cheaper for Texans and helps the environment. And Pogo Energy does more than help people save money – they go above and beyond regular expectations, like:

Pogo Energy Can Save You Nearly $254 Every Year!

When you choose to enroll with Pogo Energy Service, they put more than just a few dollars back into your pocket, they literally save people hundreds of dollars a year. Other electric companies that say they help people save money usually only give people a deal between 5-15%. This means that if your electricity bill is $1,500 annually, you’ll be lucky to get $150 back every year. That’s three times less than how much Pogo Energy can save Texas residences. Pogo basically optimizes your savings by tripling the amount regular electric companies claim to save you, which means more money for you to spend on what you love (like honey butter chicken biscuits). Plus, if you’re not satisfied after your free three days with us, there is no 28-day or 30-day window limit that you need to cancel to get your money back. Just say the word and you can have your electric bill canceled at any time, no hold up!

Is There A Catch To Join Pogo Energy?

Pogo Energy doesn’t believe in being real upfront, talking a show, and then changing their persona later down the road (unlike other companies that say they can help people save big, but in reality offer small savings deals). Pogo Energy gives you real savings on your prepaid energy usage. What you use is what you pay for your electricity.  Pogo doesn’t believe in BS (bill shock) like hitting you with additional fees that weren’t mentioned upfront. They also are a prepaid electricity company, so they get your lights turned on as quickly as possible for you. There’s absolutely no catch or tricks with a deposit and also never a credit check, all of that is canceled out in this company.

What Makes Pogo So Special?

When you choose Pogo Energy as your Abilene prepaid electricity company, they have a special treat for you waiting inside, going above and beyond helping serve you for cheap. They offer a special Rewards program giving $25 every month to their customers which can be redeemed in more than half a million ways. You can use these rewards at local stores, restaurants, hotels, movie theaters, entertainment and more! They even have a special bonus which customers can enter for a  chance to win an Amazon gift card. You can even use these rewards for travel, so if you travel often you can expect to spend a little less every time! The best part about Pogo Rewards is that there is no hurry, your rewards are yours to keep and have no expiration date! It’s very hard to find an electric company as friendly and fun as Pogo Energy in Abilene, and Pogo’s been rated 4.9/5 because of it!

What Is Needed To Get Started?

To get you going, Pogo Energy is kind enough to let you try their prepaid electricity for 3 free days, but you are not stuck with it if you are not happy afterwards. Cancel at any time without any penalties! And if you still have an account balance leftover from your initial $20 to get started, we’ll refund the remainder to you. If you do decide that you like the company after your free 3-day trial, you can continue with Pogo Energy for the very best savings in Abilene prepaid electricity.

Don’t hesitate to take advantage of Pogo Energy’s no-risk electricity plan today. Sign up today in less than 60 seconds online or chat with our support team to get enrolled.

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