Attention: Provider of Last Resort Customers

Know your options.

Provider of Last Resort service rates are nearly 2x higher than normal rates.

Choose Pogo Energy and avoid long-term contracts!

Switching is simple and only takes 60 seconds.

What is the Provider of Last Resort Program (POLR)?

The Provider of last resort program is implemented when an electricity retailer can no longer continue providing electric service to their customers. The Public Utilities Commission of Texas (PUC) enrolls those customers in the Provider of Last Resort (POLR) Program as a safety net to ensure customers do not have their electric services interrupted. 

To help clarify what exactly POLR is all about, below we have answered the most commonly asked questions regarding the program and your options.

Why are rates nearly 2x higher?

The Texas Public Utilities Commission designates electric service providers for the program. However, default Provider of Last Resort Program service rates can be nearly TWICE as much as normal electricity rates.

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Is it really my last resort?

Nope! You can switch to Pogo right now, in under 60 seconds and start saving immediately. (you’re also free to choose another provider, but why would you?) You will not be charged any cancelation fees or penalties by switching to another electricity service provider. You can start with Pogo Energy for as little as $20 and get your electricity service switched over today!

How do I know if I'm enrolled with a Provider of Last Resort?

You likely will have received a call, email and/or letter in the mail or other communication alerting you to this change from the Texas PUC or from your new Provider of Last Resort service.

Why enroll with Pogo Energy now?

With Pogo there are no deposits, no late payment fees, no low balance fees, and no “gotchas.” PLUS, there’s no need to contact your Provider of Last Resort after you sign up with Pogo Energy – we’ll tell them for you.

* $398 and other savings claims based on electricity in Texas comparison to TXU Free Nights & Solar Days 12 plan as of 3/25/2021 for 1,000 kWh of usage per month in ONCOR TDU area; savings based on full year of usage. Promotional funds available for Pogo Energy services only and not refundable. Same day power-on depends on your TDU’s ability to process our request timely to have your power turned on – we control a lot of things, but we can’t control how fast your TDU processes new power-on requests (the TDU apparently doesn’t embrace modern technology like we do).

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