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If Edison, your virtual agent, can’t help you, a LIVE human will respond!


Need to know your account number? Text keyword ACCT # and Pogo will reply with your Pogo Energy account number.


Not sure how much your account balance is? Text BAL and Pogo will send you your current Pogo Energy account balance.


Text BARCODE to get your ACH barcode to use for cash payments. FYI, barcodes are refreshed periodically.


Need a little help? Pogo’s got your back. Just text DPP to request a Deferred Payment Plan. No fee, no interest, no credit check.


Need a reminder of the amount of your last recharge? Text LAST to get the latest recharge amount on your Pogo Energy account.


Oh no! In case of power outage, text OUTAGE to get information on how to report a power outage to your TDU.


Need to look up your electricity rate? Text RATE to get your current electricity rate information with Pogo Energy.


Moving soon? Text MOVE and get details on how to take Pogo with you when you move to your new house or apartment!


Ready to recharge your Pogo Energy account? Text RECHARGE and we’ll send you links and info to help you recharge your account.


Ready to #TreatYoSelf? Text REDEEM for info to get started cashing in on your Pogo Rewards!


Text REWARDS to learn about Pogo Energy Rewards. Remember, you get $25 monthly Pogo Rewards to redeem & they never expire!


Confused by keywords? Just send a text message with the word ASSIST for information about how this text/chat keyword stuff works.


Want in the loop? Just text START to subscribe to all Pogo Energy messages via SMS text message.


Want out of the loop? Just text STOP to unsubscribe from all Pogo Energy messages sent via SMS text message.


What the %&$* is a switch hold?!? Text SWITCH HOLD to get all the details about switch holds and what to do if you have one.


Have a question, or need a friend? Text INFO to get our Pogo customer care contact information. We’re here for you. 🙂


Want to know Pogo’s holiday process? Text HOLIDAY to get the details of how Pogo works on a holiday. Pogo’s got your back! 😉


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