Whoa! What happened to Fall!?!

Yes, the temperatures have dipped dramatically but all is business as usual in the land of energy – we’re not experiencing a severe weather event. This isn’t Pogo, we’re just the messenger – official weather events are up to the National Weather Service and your TDU.

Did you know … that Mother Nature and your HVAC play a ginormous role in driving your overall energy usage (Pogo did NOT raise your rates, they’re actually the same as when you signed up). What does this mean??? As you kick those heaters on and set your thermostat to toasty, or think it’s better to use that space heater, guess what happens..yup, you’re driving up your usage. TIP: space heaters actually use WAY more energy than your regular heating unit.

Check out these tips that will help you stave off energy usage spikes.

Tips to Keep Your Usage In Check

Stop the breeze: Insulate your windows and keep hot air inside during the winter

In the winter, run ceiling fans on low pulling air up (button up) – but only when you’re home

Pogo Energy helps with house temperature

If you’re leaving home for more than 4 hours, lower your thermostat to 68 degrees – UNLESS you have pets, set it to 73 degrees at least

Pogo Energy helps keep your home warm

Open the shades, blinds and drapes for the sun to help warm your home

Use pressure cookers or slow cookers in place of of simultaneous stovetop and oven activity

Regularly clean and replace your air filters to save the most on home heating

Click here for more great tips to save on your electricity.

For more information on how to save energy, the US Department of Energy also has great tips on how to use your heater more efficiently.

Please keep in mind following these tips doesn’t guarantee your usage will be lower but they give you the best opportunity to be proactive in reducing your consumption. While Pogo Energy does not increase rates due to the weather, the TDUs still have their energy rates that are out of Pogo’s control and included in your daily usage from Pogo Energy.

How To Reach Pogo

Just reply to one of your daily usage update text messages (or send a text to 24197) with one of our keywords!

  • Text BAL for your current account balance

  • Text DPP to set up a Deferred Payment Plan

  • Text LAST to get your last recharge amounts

Click here for a full list of interactive text keywords

You can reach us Monday – Friday, 8am to 5pm and Saturday, 10am to 2pm

Recharging Your Account

Pogo Energy gives you a few ways to recharge your account

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