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Pogo Rewards Your Way

Get Your Rewards WooHoo

The Pogo Rewards program gives you $25 Pogo Rewards dollars EVERY MONTH just for being a loyal customer. You’ve been with Pogo Energy for 7 days now and we’re so glad you are that we’re giving you a bonus $25 Pogo Rewards dollars today – that’s $50 banked dollars in your account.

Get to redeeming these rewards dollars before we do (just kidding!).

Energy Savings Tips

Here are some more tips to help you better manage your energy usage

  • Dodge the draft by sealing cracks, gaps and leaks – save yourself 20%+ per year

  • Adjust your water heater temp to a max of 120oF – save $45+ per year

  • Wash laundry in cold – save $22+ per year

Recharging Your Account

Pogo Energy gives you a few ways to recharge your account

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