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We would like you to share a video-selfie with us telling the world how much you love us or why you think we are so great.

If we decide to use your video as a social media post, you could get $50 of FREE energy. Just imagine, a month* of free energy and the chance to be a social media influencer.

Sweet deal, right?

Please submit your video selfie no later than August 21, 2019

Use these tips to make your video great


Some professional influencers told us that it’s all about how you hold your phone. They said to hold the phone vertically so that you are looking up, but not too much.


When recording yourself, look for a place with good lighting or strong lights. Day time is best, but a well-lit night time shot can still make you look great.

You’ll also want to look for a solid background that’s not too busy or cluttered.


Your voice is so important! We want you to be heard loud and clear. Just relax, be yourself.

But, please, pick a place without too much ambient noise, dogs barking or babies crying.


Your video will be shared and seen by thousands. So please watch your language, don’t swear, don’t offend anybody. Just tell the world why Pogo Energy service rocks.


Sadly, people don’t have time for anything anymore. Your video-selfie should be short. 30 seconds is probably the max. No problem to go a little over.

And, what about the shortest length? Let’s say 15 seconds.


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Please remember to only submit a video, as that's the only content that will be considered

Remember, please submit your video selfie no later than August 21, 2019

Please also note that all submissions, other than videos, will not be considered.

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