Why We're Not Fans of TNMP

At Pogo Energy, we believe that our customers should be treated fairly and with transparency. We also believe that miscellaneous fees should be avoided if at all possible and fully disclosed if they exist. The Texas-New Mexico Power (TNMP) TDU apparently isn’t on the same page as us.

We Demand Better

Full Transparency

While we do pass through standard, recurring and energy charges by the TDUs serving the power grid in Texas, we do not pass through their new connection, disconnect and reconnection fees. For most TDUs in Texas these fees are relatively small, and we know you don’t think it’s fair that you to have to pay them. So we pay them without passing them along to you. You’re welcome – it’s just what we do here at Pogo.

No Connection, Disconnect and Reconnection Fees

Not so with TNMP. Their fees for a new connection, disconnect and reconnection are up to 10X or more than then other TDUs in Texas. We think that’s crazy, and we still don’t believe in passing these charges on to our customers. Therefore, we’ve decided that until TNMP changes their ways, we will not aid and abet them by adding new customers in their areas.

Honest Dealings

We believe in being open and honest, even if it’s not good news. Thus, in order to help recover some of these crazy TNMP fees, we do charge the few customers we still have in the TNMP areas a relatively higher Energy Rate of 9.9¢/kWh (based on 1000 kWh of monthly usage). We don’t like this high rate any more than you do, but we’re trying to be 100% transparent and provide the best service possible without losing too much money in these areas. Sorry!

For the extra curious, here’s a summary of the TNMP standard, recurring and energy charges. And here’s our full Electricity Fact Label (EFL) for the TNMP TDU areas. Please contact TNMP for their activation, disconnect and reactivation fees that we pay for you – the follow chart are the standard pass-through charges for all TDUs.

TDU Charges Summary

Non TNMP Resident?

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