Keep It Cool and Charge Up

Yikes! It’s HOT out there! Recharge your account to keep your balance positive. Since it’s been so hot, Pogo’s got your back and won’t be disconnecting you (just like we don’t disconnect on nights, weekends or holidays). When it cools down a bit, Pogo will go back to normal so please remember to recharge your account before then and maintain a positive account balance to avoid disconnect.

Just so you know, Pogo will NOT raise your rates but your daily usage may spike due to temperature increases – gotta love mother nature.

FYI – your air conditioner can drive a 2 times (or more!) jump in your daily energy usage without you ever doing anything. Thanks again mother nature…

Recharge your account anytime.

If you need a little help keeping the lights on, you can request a DPP by texting DPP to 24197 (Deferred Payment Plan – Pogo’s no interest, no credit check, no fee, pre-approved payment plan) and Edison, our virtual agent will take care of you lickety split.

Thanks for being a Pogo customer – maybe you can redeem Pogo Rewards dollars for some popsicles to cool you down for the summer…

Here are a few of Pogo energy savings tips to help minimize the impact on your usage.

Energy Savings Tips

If you’re leaving home for more than 4 hours, raise your thermostat to 80 degrees – UNLESS you have pets, set it to 75 degrees at least

When you’re home, turn your ceiling fan on medium so that it’s pushing air down, then raise the thermostat temperature by 4 degrees

Wait to run your dishwasher at night and keep your curtains closed during the day to keep from adding extra heat in the house

Wash your laundry in cold water, then air dry – put that shower curtain bar to good use & save up to $87 a year

During warm months, close blinds, shades & drapes on sunny side of home to reduce temperatures inside

Regularly clean and replace your air filters to save the most on home cooling

Click here for more great tips to save on your electricity.

For more information on how to save energy, the US Department of Energy also has great tips on how to use your air conditioner more efficiently.

Please keep in mind following these tips it doesn’t guarantee your usage will be lower. While Pogo Energy does not increase rates due to the weather, the TDUs still have their energy rates that are out of Pogo’s control and included in your usage from Pogo Energy.

Chat with Pogo

Just reply to one of your daily usage update text messages (or send a text to 24197) with one of our keywords!

  • Text BAL for your current account balance

  • Text DPP to set up a Deferred Payment Plan

  • Text LAST to get your last recharge amounts

Click here for a full list of interactive text keywords.

You can reach us Monday – Friday, 7am to 6pm and Saturday, 9am to 4pm – and also via:

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