Prepaid Electricity Near Me

Pogo Energy is not your normal electric company. We’re waaaay better! We offer benefits like our Pogo Rewards program where customers get $25 every month to redeem, we send daily usage updates via SMS text message so you can track your account easily, and we even offer help with our no strings attached Deferred Payment Plan, or DPP, in case you need it. Plus, you can sign up with us in under 60 seconds right from your phone. Cool right?!  We offer so much because we care about our customers and understand they want an easier way to get and pay for electricity. You will have to search for the closest prepaid energy company near you to find out everything. Below are the common things that Pogo Energy can offer you in Texas.

No Credit Check

Pogo does not run a credit check on anyone at all. We offer their services to everyone no matter how bad your credit may be. If you have poor or no credit you can get prepaid electricity because you are paying for the service in advance.

100% Clean Energy

You can feel better knowing you are saving the planet with Pogo’s 100% clean energy. We offer the best in clean energy with wind and solar power. Why not save up to $254 a year in electric bills while saving the planet at the same time?

Prepaid Electricity Near Me

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to prepay for your electricity? With Pogo Energy, now you can find out! The best part is that Pogo doesn’t require a deposit. That means you can get started fast and easy with prepaid electricity, and Pogo will even get your lights turned on the same day.

Easy Sign up

You all know the headache of trying to sign up for almost anything these days right? Well, Pogo Energy makes it as simple as possible to ensure that you can get what you are looking for out of your electricity plan. It only takes 60 seconds to sign up with Pogo Energy and you can do it all from your smartphone.

Benefits of Clean Energy

The world benefits from prepaid electricity companies that provide clean energy. By utilizing solar and wind energy sources, Pogo Energy is Texas’ leading provider of prepaid clean electricity. With Pogo Energy, you can go green and save green.

Trial Period

Pogo Energy gives everyone the first three days free, as in a trial period for you to try us out. This trial is helpful in understanding what you are getting before you decide on whether prepaid electricity is right for you (but we doubt you’ll think otherwise :)).

5-star Reviews

If you do a search for Pogo Energy reviews you will find great reviews. In fact, most of them are 5-star reviews. When you go to a company’s website for anything, you generally want to see good reviews. When you look at our reviews, there’s no doubt about it – Pogo Energy does an amazing job and we love our customers!

Same Day Power

One amazing thing about Pogo Energy is that you can get power the same day you sign up. Doesn’t that make you feel as good as a honey butter chicken biscuit? We provide this convenience to all our customers so you can get electricity right away. All you have to do is enroll at, charge up with as little as $20, and ta-da! Your power will be turned on almost right away. (BTW, Pogo Energy doesn’t literally turn your power on – your local TDU does. Pogo just tells them when to do it. 🙂 )

Do you feel an urge to help the environment, but also need to save money at the same time? Prepaid electricity is the right energy choice for you and Pogo Energy is the leader in prepaid electricity.

Your first 3 days are free, so why not? Don’t hesitate to take advantage of Pogo Energy’s no-risk electricity plan today. Sign up today in less than 60 seconds online or chat with our support team to get enrolled.

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