Green Energy Electric Companies in Texas Lead the Way for the Next Generation

How Is Pogo Energy Leading The Way On Clean Energy In Texas?

Electric companies in Texas are all different, but most of them are using the Texas energy market to set prices. Because of this, these companies are usually charging prices that are too high. They are generating energy in the traditional manner, and they are going with the market as it rises and falls every day. These companies are obligated to charge more for energy for at least half the year because of how energy prices are set. Pogo Energy does things much more different than that.

  1. Competitive Customer Service

Electric companies in Texas all have some kind of customer service center, but they are not necessarily incentivized to give the best customer service to you. These companies will simply repeat the amount of your bill, and they will not necessarily give you any care beyond that. Pogo’s got your back. Customer service at Pogo Energy is much better because they can be reached instantly. We know our customers are looking to save money, while saving the world, while keeping their lights on, which is why Pogo Energy is the best option for Texans in the energy market.

  1. No BS (Bill Shock)

Pogo Energy does not want customers to be shocked at their bill every month, and they have streamlined the process by giving customers daily usage updates via SMS text message so customers only pay for the energy they use. This is something that makes it easier for customers to make their payments, or recharge their accounts, as often or as little as they want with the option to use auto-pay.  Pogo also offers help to its customers who need it with a no strings attached Deferred Payment Plan, or DPP, whenever they need a little help keeping the lights on.

  1. Renewable Energy

All the prepaid energy from Pogo Energy is 100% renewable because that matters to many of their customers. No other company can guarantee 100% renewable energy, and that is why it is important that Pogo Energy continues to do this.

  1. They Can Save Up To $254* A Year

Every customer who switches to Pogo Energy could save up to $254 a year on their energy bills with 100% clean energy. Pogo made a pledge to keep prices low, and the energy that they use is much cheaper for customers overall. Pogo is committed to renewable energy. They are not parsing their energy output like other companies do, and they are forcing other electric companies to consider how they offer energy services.

  1. No Deposits

Electric companies throughout the state of Texas ask for a deposit to even start an account, and they will hold that deposit over your head until you are no longer their customer. You could lose that deposit at any time if there is a problem with your billing, and you will notice that Pogo Energy does not ask for a deposit. Pogo Energy does not need a deposit to keep customers loyal. Pogo knows it is better to use renewable energy and offer better customer service. Their pledge to customers includes the best possible service while doing their part for the environment at the same time.

  1. Conclusion

There are many people looking for a better place to get their electricity in Texas, and they do not always know where to look. Pogo Energy IS the best place to start because they have shown that they don’t have hidden fees, care about their customers, and commit to renewable energy. New customers are not asked for a deposit, or credit check, and this is by far the best deal that people can get when they are in the state of Texas. This is the only way to keep energy affordable especially for the hot summer months in Texas heat.

Don’t hesitate to take advantage of Pogo Energy’s no-risk electricity plan today. Sign up today in less than 60 seconds online or chat with our support team to get enrolled.

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