Houston Prepaid Electricity

You prepay for many goods and services that you don’t think about. You probably prepay for your favorite morning latte, game ticket and a gym membership that you rarely use. But when you prepay electricity, you know what you are paying for and end up using it. Unlike the traditional post-pay power, Houston prepaid electricity plans do not necessitate credit checks or hefty deposits. And you can decide to terminate the electricity plan anytime without restrictions or penalties. This means that the program is risk free.

Guaranteed Acceptance
If you choose the traditional postpaid electricity plans, you might have to go through complicated hoops before your apartment gets connected. Besides, they may not accept your application for several reasons. With the prepaid electricity option, however, you are guaranteed that your application will be accepted. Our plan works in the same way as the prepaid debit cards; the cash you prepay is directed to powering your apartment. All you need is to fund your prepaid account with the money that will cater to the electricity that you intend to use before you actually use it. Our electricity plan is quite different from the traditional postpaid plan where you get your monthly electricity bill and pay for the power you have already used (often suffering from the surprise of a huge bill).

Avoid the Hassles By Choosing Prepaid Electricity

Here are the main benefits of switching to prepaid electricity plan:

  • You can start with as low as $20, and you can get the lights same day power on
  • No long-term commitments, no massive deposits or shocking electricity bills
  • You will get daily updates of what you are using
  • No long-term contracts and connection fees
  • 100% clean energy

If you are tired of the large deposit, surprising bills and related inconveniences, you are in the right place because we don’t ask for piles of cash to get you connected. We endeavor to provide a convenient and affordable electricity plan to the residents of Houston and beyond.

When you decide to pay your electricity upfront, you don’t receive the monthly energy bills with the low fees that some postpaid electricity companies add to the energy bills. This option guarantees you peace of mind. We only alert you about your daily usage and when the balance gets too low. And fortunately, we are ready to help you if you find out that your budget is a little too tight one week. When you sign up with us, you are pre-approved for a no-fee, zero interest, no credit check Deferred Payment Plan.

We Save The World One Connection At A Time
At Pogo Energy, we empower you to proactively control your electricity usage with zero hidden fees. We also supply renewable power with no deposit. This means that as you save time and money, you also save the world! Yes. You have read that right: Pogo Energy offers 100% renewable energy at pocket-friendly rates.

Bid Farewell To Fees
With Pogo Energy, you don’t have to pay connection, re-connection or disconnection fees. There are no low balance fees, no deposit or late payment fees. You are in better control of the amount you spend on electricity. You can recharge your account through our online platform, via phone or at your Pogo Cash outlet near you. We have thousands of outlets in Texas.

Pogo has been providing flexible prepaid power plans that prevent hidden charges from the time the Texas energy market was deregulated. We also eliminate the fear of the unknown monthly energy bills and allow you to pay according to your budget.

We Are Proud To Be A Texan
Pogo Energy is born and bred in Texas. We are always delighted that out-of-state people discover exciting opportunities in the great state of Texas and relocate here. This means that we are proud to offer prepaid electricity to all with no hassles, no deposit and no credit checks. We provide affordable energy in Dallas, Houston, Corpus Christi, Fort Worth, Killeen, East Texas, West Texas and other popular points.

There You Have It
If you have not joined Pogo, the chances are high that you have been overpaying for your electricity. Have you ever checked your monthly bill and gotten shocked by the figures? Well, instead of fears and surprises every month, Pogo gives you the power to control your energy usage as you’re using it. We strive to charge reasonable fees and give our customers control. We win when you are happy with our services, and you win when we charge less and provide clean energy. Sign up online in less than 60 seconds or Chat with our support team now to get enrolled.

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