Fort Worth Prepaid Electricity

If you’re looking for Fort Worth prepaid electricity that doesn’t include hidden fees, dubious flim-flam, and tons of fine print, then you will love our prepaid electricity plans. We’re Pogo Energy and we’re on a mission to change the way residents of Fort Worth get electricity.


Why Prepaid Electricity?

When you think about it, you actually prepay for a number of things on a daily basis without thinking much about it – your movie tickets, your satellite television subscription (and about most other similar subscriptions), as well as your admittance into a nightclub (if you’re into such things).

One of the benefits of using prepaid electricity is you don’t have to go through intrusive credit checks, which are required by most if not all traditional post-pay electricity plans. And, best of all, Pogo Energy allows you to cancel at any time whilst forgoing penalties of any kind, which means there is absolutely no risk.


Pogo Offers Guaranteed Acceptance

Traditionally, post-pay electricity plans expect you to go through hoops and over hurdles before connecting your home or apartment to their power.
In a way, it’s understandable since there are those who run up expensive bills and never pay. Nevertheless, that’s not your fault nor should you have to be treated as such because of a few bad apples.

What makes things worse is, you might not be accepted, leaving you high-and-dry until you find someone who can co-sign for you. However, with Pogo Energy’s Fort Worth prepaid electricity plans, getting accepted for electricity service is as simple as ever.

To better understand how this works, think of prepaid electricity plans as being quite similar to prepaid calling cards: the money you pay us is paying for electricity you haven’t used yet allowing you to be stress-free. Another cool way to look at it is you’re purchasing a certain amount of electricity before you use it and thus own it fair and square.

No more electric bills at the end of each month; no more unexpected shocks, too. Lastly, by prepaying for your electricity, you’re better able to manage your power consumption.


Fort Worth Prepaid Electricity Plans Mean No More Fuss

If you want to sidestep a large deposit and dodge bill shock, then Pogo Energy is the right prepaid electric company for you. You don’t need to worry about giving us your arm and leg as collateral for getting your power switched on. Pogo Energy is dedicated to providing consumers just like you with convenient and affordable electricity, no matter your financial situation or where you live, as long as we provide service there.

By purchasing your electricity in advance, you get rid of those annoying monthly electric bills, as well as the need to guesstimate how much your bill will be from month-to-month.

Furthermore, there are no unfair, unexplained hidden fees that post-pay electric companies are famous for – with Pogo Energy, what you pay for is exactly what you get, nothing more and nothing less.

Pogo Energy gives you peice of mind knowing you’re in command of your monthly electric bill. We also send you friendly alerts to let you know if and when your prepaid balance ever gets too low.

And being that we believe in social responsibility, we’re always open to helping others and will help you get your power on and keep it on, even if there are times when you’re strapped for cash.

As soon as you sign up with us, you will be we will pre-approve you for an interest-free Deferred Payment Plan for no additional cost in the event you need a little help keeping the lights on at home.

In addition to that Pogo Energy offers the following:

  • Get your lights turned on the same day for just $20
  • Zero deposit required
  • No need to commit to anything
  • No more worrying about the next bill like with traditional power companies
  • Keep track of your balance with our daily updates
  • No need to worry about connection fees
  • We don’t require you to sign any contracts


Pogo Is Saving the Planet One Connected Customer at a Time

Not only does Pogo Energy offer you the best low prepaid electricity rates in Texas and more control over the amount of electricity you use, but we’re also proud to provide our consumers with 100 percent renewable energy, deposit-free.

This means while you’re saving cash you’re also contributing to creating a greener world. That’s right. We are very proud to provide Texans with 100 percent renewable power.

And by prepaying for your electricity with us, you’re more or less our partner in saving the world.


Can You Say “No More Fees?”

As stated above, Pogo is all about no deposits, no connect fees, no disconnect fees, no reconnect fees, no fees for late payments, no silly low balance fees, and absolutely no tricks or “gotchas.”

If we claimed to give you more control over your electricity usage but tried to sneak in fees, you would no longer be “in control.” That would make us dishonest. And since we’re hoping to disrupt the traditional systems used by the post-pay electric companies, you can take what we say to the bank.

Along with zero fees, recharging or topping up your account is as easy as visiting us online, calling us by phone, chatting or simply stop by the nearest Pogo Cash location on the way to or from home.

We have locations all over Texas, so even if you’re not in Fort Worth, you can still recharge your Pogo account. Thanks to the deregulation of the energy industry here in Texas, we’re now able to offer Texas residents affordable, flexible, fair prepaid electricity plans, eliminating hidden fees, monthly bills, and credit checks.

Only pay for the electricity you use so you don’t have to worry about giant surprise bills at the end of the month. And most importantly, by prepaying for electricity, you’re able to be more energy conscious, which helps us stay greener.

If you want to save money on your electricity bill, avoid all sorts of fees while saving the world, sign up online in less than 60 seconds, chat or speak with our support team today to become a Pogo Energy customer

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