Become a Pogo Rock Star - Get up to $50 in service credit

You’re already one of our most valuable customers. Why? Because you gave your old energy company the finger to become a Pogo customer. So why not share with the world why you’re giving us a big thumbs up (and get some free energy in the process)?

We’re so excited to have your business that we now want to use your story as an ad on our social media and throughout the internet. But like everything Pogo, we want to be honest, authentic, and down to earth. So, we’re asking you to send us a video-selfie for others to see how happy you are with Pogo.

Just for submitting your video-selfie, you’ll get a $10 bill credit.

If we use your video review in our marketing, we’ll notify you and drop another $50 in free electricity into your account.

Thanks for being a loyal Pogo customer!!!

Energy Saving Tips

Here are some more tips to help you better manage your energy usage

  • Dodge the draft by sealing cracks, gaps and leaks – save yourself 20%+ per year

  • Adjust your water heater temp to a max of 120oF – save $45+ per year

  • Wash laundry in cold – save $22+ per year

How To Reach Pogo

You can reach us Monday – Friday, 8am to 5pm and Saturday, 10am to 2pm

Thank you for being a valued member of a community who's giving their old energy company the finger.