Get $$$ to Move with Pogo Energy!

Thinking about moving to a new place? If the answer is YES, did you know that you can take Pogo with you if you’re staying in this great state of Texas? As you’re planning your move into your new home, if you bring Pogo Energy along with, we’ll give you $20 a housewarming gift.

Chat with us to get moving or Call us at 888.764.6669 and mention Move20.

You still get all the benefits you love: Save money (and the world), 100% clean energy, No Deposit, No BS (Bill Shock), Cancel Anytime and keep earning $25 a month in Pogo Rewards dollars just for being a loyal customer (and sometimes we give you that bonus Pogo Rewards gift too!). Plus, we even give you a little help keeping the lights on when and if you need it.

If you’re not ready to move just yet, we’re just checkin’ and you can disregard this message.

Terms and Conditions apply, for details:

Pogo Rewards Your Way

Get Your Rewards WooHoo

With Pogo Energy, you’ll get $25 Pogo Rewards dollars EVERY MONTH you’re a customer (and sometimes, we even give you that bonus Pogo Rewards gift too – like a $5 account credit)! Your rewards are bankable and never expire. They can be used to save on popular name-brands, local deals, at stores, restaurants, hotels, movie theaters and so much more. PLUS, Pogo customers can enter the Gift Card Giveaway every day, for a chance to win an Gift Card*!

How To Reach Pogo

Just reply to one of your daily usage update text messages (or send a text to 24197) with one of our keywords!

  • Text BAL for your current account balance

  • Text DPP to set up a Deferred Payment Plan

  • Text LAST to get your last recharge amounts

Click here for a full list of interactive text keywords

You can reach us Monday – Friday, 7am to 6pm and Saturday, 9am to 4pm

Moving Tips from Pogo

Any successful move requires a plan and organization – whether you’re moving within your current city or clear across our fabulous state of Texas! Great news, here are some tips to jump start your planning and organization.

  • Pogo can handle your electricity move – we make it easy & give you $20 to stay with us

  • Don’t be afraid to order a lot of boxes (better to be over-prepared than under & some places even will buy back the unused boxes)

  • No packing on moving day – you’ll be less stressed

  • Load the most important items in the truck last so that they’re first off the truck

Get the Pogo App

Yay! Pogo is now offering our app for download. Now it’s even easier to manage your account, recharge, redeem Pogo Rewards and access your usage history and more.

Download it today!

Thank you for joining Pogo Energy! You're now part of a community who's giving their old energy company the finger.