No Deposit Electricity FAQs.

Why Choose Us

Pogo Energy provides the same electricity as the big guys with no deposit, no contracts and no “gotcha” fees. Plus, with Pogo Energy, you control your budget. Pay as much or as little as you need. You control the amount you pay at any time, on a convenient schedule that works best for you.

The Pogo Promise is a commitment we make to you, our customer.

  • We commit to treating you fairly in providing you low cost electricity
  • We commit to not tricking you with hidden fees
  • We commit to no “gotchas” like the other guys
  • We make this promise to you

Pre-Approved Deferred Payment Plan (DPP): we pre-approve all our customers for a Deferred Payment Plan without any fees, interest or credit checks (within certain limits). This way, if your account balance ever goes negative and you need a little help paying that balance, we have you covered. Please see our FAQ on Deferred Payment Plan and PogoEnergy.com/terms for all the terms and conditions relating to our DPP.

Satisfaction guarantee: we’re so confident you’ll love Pogo that if you’re ever unhappy with our service at any time, you can switch to another provider without penalty and we will refund any unused service balance (net of any print and post fee).  Customers on a Deferred Payment Plan will need to pay their remaining balance before switching.

We’re out to treat you right. Which means we’re not interested in surprising you with hidden fees or shocking bills at the end of the month. We truly expect we’re the company that will save you a lot of money on your electricity (even if that means we make a little less).

We believe most customers will save more than $300 per year on their electricity with Pogo. Why?

  1. We have great low rates, as much as 10% – 20% lower than our competitors
  2. We charge no fees on nearly everything: no startup or disconnect fees and no payment fees—even including late payment fees.

Simply put, just as reliable as the big guys because Pogo energy is delivered to you just like the big guys. That’s the beauty of electricity in Texas. What’s more, if your area experiences any kind of outage—weather-related or other—we’ll put you in touch with your transmission and distribution utility (TDU) provider who is responsible for delivering your electric service safely and securely. Visit PogoEnergy.com/contact for a list of TDUs and their contact information.

Nope. Never. No way. This is a huge part of why we believe you’re going to love Pogo Energy. We don’t see a need to lock you into a long-term contract. If you’re not 100% satisfied with our service, you can switch to another provider without any fees or hassles from us (provided you don’t have a Deferred Payment Plan balance). We plan on keeping you as a customer by saving you money every month and providing superb service without hassles, gimmicks and last, but not least, contracts.

We believe our way is a better way. We believe you should know how much electricity you’re using each day. And we believe you should be in control of how much you spend on electricity. When you pay in advance (i.e., prepay) with Pogo you know. You know how much electricity you’ve used and how much you have left. Plus, we won’t charge you a late fee or disconnect fee if your balance ever goes below zero. No surprises. No hassles. No BS.

Postpaid electricity plans are almost always a “surprise” as in “Surprise, you used this much electricity this month, time to pay up.” We call it “bill shock.” And if you don’t pay your bill on time, you’re likely to get hit with late payment fees, disconnect or reconnect charges and other hidden fees.

Back in 2002, Texas transformed (or using a big fancy word, deregulated) the way electricity is delivered to consumers in about 85% of the state. Deregulation separated the electricity generators (power plants), the distributors (TDUs or TDSPs) and the real electric providers (REPs). Pogo Energy is a pay-in-advance REP that participates in virtually all the of the deregulated electricity markets in Texas.

Getting Started

The short answer, yes. Probably.

The little longer explanation goes like this: Pogo Energy provides no deposit electricity across Texas in most deregulated areas. It’s easy to find out if it’s available to you. Just go to our electricity plans page where we’ll ask you for your address or zip code, PogoEnergy.com/plans.  Then you can enroll online in under a minute, or you can Chat or call us at 888.764.6669.

We keep it simple. All we ask for is name, physical address, and your mobile number (that’s how we keep up updated and send balance alerts). We will never ask for your social security or driver’s license number and we don’t run credit checks. We would like your birthday (you know, to send you Happy Birthday greetings) and you will have to create a password (both for account access validation in the future) but that’s it. Enroll. Start saving money immediately. Just visit PogoEnergy.com/enroll to get going or you can Chat or Call us at 888.764.6669.

Give us one minute and we’ll give you immediate savings. Deal? Visit PogoEnergy.com/enroll or Chat or Call 888.764.6669. We keep it fast, easy and don’t ask a lot of unnecessary questions. No social security or driver’s license numbers and no credit check. No deposit. And no long-term commitment.

How does 20 bucks sound? You can get started with us for as little $20. And because we have no start-up fees, that $20 goes to your energy account – this is not a deposit, this is your money that is used for your electricity as you go. And with Pogo Energy you can cancel at any time without penalty, so there’s no risk to trying something new and taking control of your energy bill. Visit PogoEnergy.com/enroll to get started or Chat or Call us at 888.764.6669.

Do we ever? Yes, if you activate during normal business hours Monday through Saturday, we expect to have your service activated the same day. We rely on support from the transmission and distribution utility (TDU) to get things going so we can’t provide a guarantee on the exact time, but we’ll do everything in our power (see what we did there?) to have you activated ASAP after you make your initial payment. What does this mean – UHG, especially as it gets later in the day and since we don’t control how fast they process (they do take their time), the TDU may not process our request to turn your power on same day so it might end up coming on next day (Sorry!).

Normal business hours Monday through Saturday. If you’re already a customer making a payment to reconnect power, then we’re available 24 x 7 x 365. Just go to PogoEnergy.com/Recharge. Of course, there are no start-up fees and certainly no deposit. Service should be started the same day if we receive payment before 4pm Monday through Saturday.

“Can you?” Heck yah, we encourage you to switch. We’re so confident we can save you money and provide a hassle-free, no-surprise charges along the way that we make switching easy, easy and simple. Plus, most providers require you to pay them a deposit. So you’ll get that back when you switch to us (less anything you might still owe them on your final bill).

In a word, yes. Enroll with Pogo Energy, make your first payment to activate your service and any deposit you have with your previous provider should be refunded to you per the requirements of the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT).

It should NOT cost you a thing to switch. And we don’t charge any fees for enrollment. If you have a deposit with your current provider you should get that back, too. You may also want to check if they (the other guys) have an early termination fee. We don’t. But they may.

We got you covered. Just enroll with us and we’ll take care of notifying your current provider that you switched to Pogo Energy to save a whole lot of money. There should be no service interruption whatsoever.

After you’ve enrolled and made your first payment of at least $20 to activate service with Pogo Energy, during normal business hours (including Saturday), we should have you up and running the same day.

No. No. And no. We work directly with your current provider to make sure your electricity stays on through the transition. No glitches or interruptions.

Pogo Energy is the electricity that moves with you. As long as the new place is in our service area, you’re all good – and you keep your current balance through the move. To transfer your service, simply click to chat or call us at 888.764.6669. All we need is the new address, the date for stopping service at the old place and the date for beginning service at the new place. Simple, right?!

You bet. During enrollment, you will have the option to enroll immediately or pick a future date to coincide with a move or end of a contract. All you have to do is charge up your account with at least $20 after you enroll. Helpful tip: if you’re moving in to a new home or apartment, you may want to schedule your power to turn on a day early, the TDUs may take all day getting power on to your new location, and we have no control over that. And we agree with you that the TDUs are way to slow and unhelpful in getting your power turned on, so plan ahead and schedule your power-on a day early.

We’re sorry, but no you can’t. The Texas Public Utility Commission does not allow Critical Care Residential Customers or Chronic Condition Residential Customers to enroll in any pay-in-advance (prepaid) electricity services.

We provide no contract electricity in Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston, Corpus Christi, Rio Grande Valley and many other locations throughout Texas. You’ll need a mobile phone to enroll so that you can receive texts from us. To check if we provide service to your home, and to see our current rates, visit PogoEnergy.com/plans

Once you’ve enrolled you’ll need to make payment of at least $20 and you’re in. No deposit. No credit check. And no social security or driver’s license number. Plus, with Pogo you can cancel at any time without penalty. Just charge up your account with as little as $20 and we’ll get your power on today.*

Rates and Plans

Our goal is to save you money on electricity every month, but to see what our electricity price (rate) is in your area, visit our plans page here, PogoEnergy.com/Plans.

Absolutely not. Unlike the big guys, Pogo Energy doesn’t require a deposit to get started. In fact, you can get started with as little as $20, without a deposit, annual contract, or credit check. Plus, with Pogo you can cancel at any time without penalty. Just charge up your account with as little as $20 and we’ll get your power on today.* Visit PogoEnergy.com/Enroll to enroll online in as little one minute, and start saving today or you can click to Chat or Call us at 888.764.6669.

With postpaid electricity plans, you receive a “surprise” bill each month informing you of the electricity you’ve used and how much you’re required to pay for it. There’s a reason it’s called “bill shock”! And if you don’t make your payment on time, you’re likely to get hit with a late payment fee, disconnect or reconnect fees, and other hidden fees.

We’re so confident you’ll love Pogo Energy that we’re offering you three free days of service just to try us out. No tricks. Cancel anytime without penalty. Just visit PogoEnergy.com/Enroll to get started.

Pogo Energy has not raised rates for existing customers since we’ve started. While this doesn’t guarantee we’ll never raise rates, our goal is to provide you predictable, reliable service, even without a long-term contract or deposit.

But be aware that summer arrived early in Texas this year. And that means your air conditioning unit is working harder to keep up.  You may hear it chugging along like the little engine that could.  Just like people, it could seem a bit sluggish on a 100+ degree day – and add the bonus of humidity, and your AC unit may seem like it needs almost as much relief as you do. This means even though you’re paying the same energy rate, you’ll likely be using twice as much energy in the summer, which means an increase in your total monthly expense (sorry, but we don’t control the weather in Texas!).

Additionally, in an attempt to provide you a rock-bottom energy rate and also provide you predictability, we do have a $0.50 per day base charge. When you combine our energy rate and the daily fee, we’re confident that you”ll still save up to $300 or more a year with us* and also have a confidence that you’re monthly energy expenses are predictable.

How Does It Work

A Deferred Payment Plan (or DPP) is our no fee, no interest, no credit check payment plan that we establish with you in the event your service balance goes negative (or is about to go negative) and you need a little help making a payment. When you’ve started a DPP with us, two important things will take place.

First, your future payments will be split so that 90% of your payment goes into your service account and 10% goes to pay down your DPP (until your DPP is repaid). And to be clear, we do not charge any fees or interest on your DPP account. This is our way of helping you keep your power on.

Second, when you establish a DPP with us, there will be a switch-hold on your account. A “switch hold” means that you may not switch to another electric service provider until your DPP is repaid. As a good neighbor, we’re happy to help keep your power on when you need us to, but we also need to ensure we’re repaid the outstanding balance.

To request a DPP, please call us at 888.764.6669 (you may also call us to establish a new DPP even if you’re currently under a DPP). Visit PogoEnergy.com/Terms for all the terms and conditions relating to our Deferred Payment Plan.

Our customer service hours are Monday thru Friday, 8 am to 5 pm, and Saturday 10 am to 2 pm (Central Time). If you need to reach us, please click to Chat or call us during business hours at 888.764.6669.

Pogo Energy provides electricity without a monthly bill – you pay in advance for electricity as you go. However, sometimes you need proof that you have electricity with us or you just want to see your history of payments and usage. We can email you an official “Summary of Usage and Payments (SUP)” document for free, or we can print and mail you an SUP for a $5.00 fee. Click to Chat or call us during business hours at 888.764.6669 to request and SUP.

We understand that things don’t go always as planned. Click to Chat or call us at 888.764.6669 during normal business hours and ask about our Deferred Payment Plan (DPP) options, and we’ll do our best to help.

While we hate to see you go, you have absolutely no long-term commitments with us. If you switch to another electricity provider, they will notify us, and your service will transfer to them automatically and no questions asked by us. Plus, we’ll return all your unused funds back to you (unless we need to print and mail you a check, then we will deduct $5.00 for handling and postage).

In the event of an electricity-related emergency, such as a power outage, or in the event of problems related to the Transmission & Distribution Utility (TDU), please contact your TDU.

Oncor (DFW and West Texas): 888.313.4747

CenterPoint (Houston and surrounding areas): 800.332.7143

AEP Central (CP&L Area): 866.223.8508

AEP North (WTU Area): 866.223.8508

TNMP (Texas-New Mexico Power): 888.866.7456

There are no surprise bills at the end of the month with Pogo Energy – in fact there are no bills at all. You can always check your current service balance and estimated number of days of power remaining at PogoEnergy.com/MyAccount. For a Summary of Usage and Payments (SUP), click to Chat or call us at 888.764.6669 and we can email a SUP to you for free, or we can print and post an SUP to you for a small fee.

A switch hold may be placed on a your account when you have agreed to the terms of a Deferred Payment Plan with Pogo Energy (or your current electricity provider). If you feel that a switch hold has been placed on your account by mistake, please click to Chat or call us at 888.764.6669.

If you are experiencing switch hold issues during enrollment, it’s possible the previous occupant left without clearing outstanding debt. To remove the switch hold, you will need to show proof of occupancy so that the TDU or the previous REP will agree to remove the switch hold so you can continue enrollment. For more information, please visit Switch Hold Release.

While Pogo Energy provides your electricity service, we do not generate electricity nor do we manage the extensive network (or power grid) that distributes the electricity to your home. This distribution is the responsibility of the TDU, and they are responsible for power outages and repairs. We also pass through all the TDU charges without markup. This can be up to 50% of your monthly spend – it’s not us, really, it’s them. If you have have active service with us and are experiencing a power outage, you should contact your TDU. A list of TDUs and their contact information can be found at PogoEnergy.com/Contact.

Pogo provides you with SMS keywords that help you get the information you want easily and quickly. Here’s the list of keywords and descriptions.

  • BAL or BALANCE – balance request
  • DPP BALANCE – DPP balance request
  • RATE – current rate request
  • PAY – last payment amount
  • INFO or HELP – contact us information
  • BARCODE – sends you your ACH barcode
  • ASSIST – provides info to auto response SMS keywords
  • MOVE – info on how to take Pogo with you when you move
  • SWITCH HOLD – explanation and process for switch hold
  • REWARD, REWARDS, MY REWARDS POGO REWARDS – explanation of Pogo Rewards program
  • REDEEM, REDEEM REWARD, REDEEM REWARDS – how to redeem Pogo Rewards
  • START or UNSTOP – subscribe to SMS notification
  • STOP or STOPALL or UNSUBSCRIBE or CANCEL or END or QUIT – unsubscribe to marketing SMS notifications
Billing and Payments

While Pogo Energy doesn’t provide direct assistance, Congress has boosted funding for the LIHEAP energy assistance program by more than 7 percent nationwide this year, which provided an energy assistance allotment for Texas of $152 million in 2018. As all of us Texans experience higher bills during the summer season, these LIHEAP funds could provide critical assistance.

If you’re a Texan in need of electricity assistance, we encourage you to call 877.399.8939 and talk with a CEAP administrator for your area.

Additionally at Pogo, we do have Deferred Payment Programs in the event your account balance goes negative and you need a way to pay it back over time. And we also accept payments from local charity and support groups on your behalf. Ask them to contact us at 888.764.6669 to get started.

There are several options to choose from for making a payment to Pogo Energy – and most of them have no payment fees. The most convenient way to pay is online, 24x7x365, at PogoEnergy.com/Recharge or via automated phone (IVR) at 888.764.6669. Both of these payment options are free. You can also pay in person with cash at many locations near you. Visit PogoEnergy.com/Locations to find your nearest Pogo Energy authorized payment location. These locations typically charge a cash handling fee, and these fees (and their hours of operation) vary by location.

Certainly not. It’s not right that the big guys hit you with hidden fees – so we don’t charge you a fee just because you paid a little late, were disconnected or are trying to reconnect service. It’s our privilege to have you as a customer, and we hate fees as much as you do.

Yes. We’re always happy to take a payment to restore your power – and the best part is, unlike the big guys, we don’t ding you with disconnect, reconnect or late payment fees. Please note, however, that you only have five days to make a payment to use once your service is disconnected before your service is permanently disconnected.

First of all, we don’t charge any disconnect, reconnect or late payment fees like the other guys do. And second, even if your account balance goes negative, as long as you pay us before you’re disconnected, you only need to pay enough to get your balance back above zero. In fact, even if your service is temporarily disconnected due to non-payment, then you only need to charge up your account to get your balance above $0. I know this makes sense – and that’s why we do it.

If you’ve been disconnected for non-payment, simply charge up your account to get your balance above $0. After that, your service should be restored in under two hours, 24x7x365. We’ll send you a text message as soon as your power is restored, so you don’t have to worry or constantly check on that if you’re out of your home.

With postpaid electricity plans, you receive a “surprise” bill each month informing you of the electricity you’ve used and how much you’re required to pay for it. There’s a reason it’s called “bill shock”! And if you don’t make your payment on time, you’re likely to get hit with a late payment fee, disconnect or reconnect fees, and other hidden fees.

Unlike the other guys, we don’t charge a fee when you add money to your account if you charge up with $40 or more via our automated channels. These channels include our website, PogoEnergy.com/Recharge, and our IVR 888.764.6669. We accept all major debit and credit cards, and these channels are available 24x7x365. We do have a $1 transaction charge for payments of less than $40 as some banks charge us up to 30% of the total transaction when smaller payments are made.

We’re fully committed to keeping your energy costs low, and we can cover the bank’s transaction charges when you recharge your account with $40 or more, but the banks crush us when you charge up with less than $40. We hate fees and extra charges as much as you do, that’s why we’re trying to strike a balance between low energy rates and absorbing all the transaction charges where practical.

We also accept cash at thousands of locations throughout Texas, but full disclosure these Authorized Payment Locations charge a cash handling fee, usually $2, but these fees can vary by location. FWIW, we’re not involved with fees at these locations, and we certainly don’t “double dip” by charging you any fees on top of their fees, regardless of the amount you’re adding to your account.

Please note that if you’re on a DPP, some of the money you use to recharge your account (typically 10% of your payment amount) is used to pay down your DPP balance. We figure the best way to help you out is for you to pay us back a little when you’re able to make a payment instead of forcing you to pay on a fixed schedule. There are no fees associated with a DPP, this is just how you pay us back.

At the risk of being annoying, we’ll send you a text (or email) well before your balance hits $0, and we’ll definitely let you know if your balance gets to $0 (or lower). We also don’t want your power any more than you do, so we’ll send one last alert two hours before your service is scheduled for disconnect. This way, you’ll still have couple hours to make that payment – we know how busy you can get (and we all procrastinate). And if you need a little help to keep your power on, let us know and we likely can adds some funds to your account and you can pay us back over time with our Deferred Payment Plan option. Lastly, you’ll always receive a text (or email) receipt for all of your payments, so you’ll have a record of what’s going on.

*$300 and other savings claims based on electricity in Texas comparison to TXU Free Nights & Solar Days 24 plan as of 6/6/2018 for 2,000 kWh of usage per month in ONCOR TDU area; savings based on full year of usage. Promotional funds available for Pogo Energy services only and not refundable. Same day power-on depends on your TDU’s ability to process our request timely to have your power turned on – we control a lot of things, but we can’t control how fast your TDU processes new power-on requests (sorry!).