An Electric Company That Doesn’t Suck

There’s no sugar coating it: electric companies suck, right?

If you live in Texas – or anywhere, really – odds are you haven’t ever liked your energy provider. Heck, odds are you haven’t even heard of an energy company that people actually like dealing with. Buckle up, y’all, because we’re about to rock your world.

Why You’ll Actually Like Us

Electric companies are known for misleading offers, bad customer service, predatory hidden fees, loads of B.S. (Bill Shock) and generally being greedy and uncaring. After all, these guys make a ton of money selling something that people need! They could treat their customers a lot better, but these guys aren’t in business to make people smile, right?

Here at Pogo Energy, we’re different. Those things that the bad guys do? We don’t do any of them.

  • Do we disconnect our customers on nights and weekends? Nope.
  • Do we charge low balance fees? No!
  • Do we charge you any hidden fees? Absolutely not.
  • Do we lock you into an annual contract? Nope, cancel any time without incurring a fee!
  • What about our customer service? It’s pretty great, actually!

Sounds too good to be true, right?
Buddy, we’re legit. Not only do our customers like us, we’d even say (granted, we’ve been watching The Bachelor a lot) that they love us! After all, we have a five-star average with hundreds of reviews shows. How many electric companies can say that?

Ever heard of someone giving their electric company a good review? Probably not. We have great reviews – and a ton of them – so trust us when we say that we’re changing the game.

Why People Love Pogo Energy
For one, all of those things listed above. We get a lot of compliments on our customer service – an area where many electric companies fall short. We don’t jack up rates with hidden fees, or disconnect users abruptly. Can’t pay a bill? You’ll instantly qualify for an interest-free extension, because we know times can get tough, and trust that you’ll eventually pay it back.

Plus, we just rolled out something that will literally pay you back – Pogo Rewards! Just by being a Pogo customer, you can get $25 in rewards money per month that works most places where you already shop, like Amazon. Check it out! AND, you get FREE Pogo Rewards Gifts to choose from several times a year (including an account credit).

Also, we’re trying to save the world, and people love superheroes.

Wait, saving the world?
Oh yeah, absolutely. Our energy is 100% clean and only comes from renewable sources, something that very few electric companies can claim about themselves. We believe that renewables aren’t just the future – they’re the only future for our planet.

That said, if that’s not a huge deal for you (we hope it is, but no judgement if it’s not), there are plenty of other reasons to go choose us to be your electric company.

Helping You Decrease Your Energy Usage
Ever get stuck in a conversation and start looking for any kind of excuse to walk away? Well, we send you daily text alerts about your energy usage – you can pretend it’s some kind of emergency and walk away from whoever’s annoying you!

We suggest that you actually read those texts, though, because they’ll help you get a sense of how much energy you’re actually using, which can help you save a boatload of money compared to what you spend with other electric companies.

How much money can you save with Pogo?
Typically, you can expect to save about $254 per year with us. Not bad, right? Think about it this way: that’s money that, instead of giving to some greedy electric company that’s ripping you off, you could instead put towards tacos, or have a guac fund for your burrito runs.

And those are just the yearly savings. If you’re nervous about signing up, here’s another thing that sets us apart from other electric companies: no deposit! Why pay twice for your first bill? Deposits are unnecessary, so we don’t have them. That’s another chunk of change that’s better spent on just about anything else.

Rethink Prepaid Electric

You’ve probably heard some not-so-great things about prepaid electric companies, thanks to their myriad of hidden fees. We don’t blame you – they have a bad rep for a reason – but we do prepaid the right way. No fees means no B.S., after all.

Need another reason to start today? Your first three days of electric usage are on the house – and once you load up your account, we’ll turn your power on the same day. No risk, no cancellation fees none of the pitfalls of normal electric companies. Just a fair deal for you, as it should be. What are you waiting for?

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