Disaster Assistance in Texas

FEMA Assistance

On February 12, 2021, Governor Abbott declared a State of Disaster in all 254 Texas counties, known as DR-4586-TX. Residents can now apply for FEMA Assistance which may include temporary housing, home repairs, financial assistance, low interest loans to help cover the loss of property that was not covered by insurance.

Please note, if you have insurance, you must file a claim with your insurance company as soon as possible if you are applying for FEMA Disaster Assistance. FEMA will need your insurance claim number to help determine your eligibility for FEMA Disaster Assistance.

Texas residents can follow this checklist of information required for the FEMA application. Before you apply for Federal Emergency Management Assistance (FEMA) aid, you should take photos of damaged property, make a list of damaged and/or lost property items.

Electric Bill Assistance Services for Pogo Customers

Due to increased energy demand during the winter storm, you may have seen recent articles about Texas residents getting charged thousands of dollars on their electricity bills. This did not happen to our customers – Pogo Energy rates stayed the same for our customers before, during and after the winter storm.

Unfortunately, even if you lose power during a major weather event or experience rolling outages such as we experienced during  “Snowmageddon 2021”, your TDU may continue to send estimated usage from your meter to Pogo. The meter reads received from your TDU is what Pogo bills you for (this is the same for all electricity retailers). 

We promise that this will be corrected in our systems and you will not be charged for power you didn’t use.  

If waiting for the estimated usage to be corrected in our system is causing financial hardship, Pogo has options to help you. Please contact us to learn more.  

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