Deferred Account Balance

We're helping you keep your daily updates predictable by
providing you a Deferred Account Balance (DAB)

What is a DAB?

A Deferred Account Balance, aka your DAB, is a temporary holding account for wonky, out of the ordinary things that may impact your account balance. Instead of Pogo dropping a large change on your account all at once, we move it to your DAB and you can reduce it (slowly!) over time.

For example, your TDU sends an official bill every month that includes your daily usage. Sometimes, this monthly amount is way different than the sum of all the daily usage charges – this is a surprise to Pogo too since the TDUs are the ones sending us your daily usage information that we report to you each day. Instead of hitting your account all at once with these additional charges, we move them into your DAB.

How it works

  • First and foremost, the DAB does not obligate you to do anything with or for Pogo – this is a convenience account that we keep on your behalf

  • Having a balance in your DAB will never have a negative impact on your account

  • If you happen to owe Pogo a balance that’s held in your DAB, each day, Pogo will trickle a little bit out of the DAB and add it to your daily update (specifics may change, but it’s usually around 5% of your DAB balance and no more than $2 in a single day)

  • If you terminate service with Pogo (and we hope you don’t), we’ll add any DAB balance to your current account balance

How I pay it off

  • Did we mention that having a balance in your DAB will never have a negative impact on your account? – so, there’s no need to ‘pay it off’

  • When you terminate service with us (but why would you?), we’ll simply move any DAB balance to your account and we’ll settle up then

  • But…if you’re a bit OCD and really want to clear your DAB balance, just let Pogo Care know via chat and we’ll clear that out for you

Not-so-fine print

There’s no fine print to your DAB because there are NO strings attached but you’re always covered under our Terms of Service…yes, our lawyers made us say this.

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