Pogo Energy provide no deposit options
Keep Your Lights on with Pogo Energy

Looking for cheap, no deposit electricity? Pogo Energy provides cheap, prepaid electricity – but don’t call us “cheap”, please.

Our 100% clean energy comes at a lower cost to you than a lot of the other guys,
because we understand electricity is a necessity and shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Is cheap, prepaid electricity different in any way?

Nope! We all get our power from the same Transmission and Distribution Utilities (TDUs) companies across Texas – just like the big guys do. So, “cheap prepaid lights” doesn’t mean lower quality whatsoever.

Are there savings with Pogo?

Pogo’s pay-as-you-need model (aka prepaid electricity, but without all the tricks other prepaid providers pull) includes daily text alerts with how much energy you’re using to help you control your budget. Pogo guarantees same day power-on, plus save up to $398/year. Cancel anytime if you change your mind - although we doubt you will!

With Pogo Energy you won’t get any BS (bill shock) at the end of the month and we don’t have some crazy minimum account balance requirement. We even send you energy savings tips to help you keep your lights bill as low as possible.

Happy customers!

Step 1

Sign-up online in under 60 seconds

Step 2

Charge up with as little as $20 and get power today*

Step 3

Get daily updates, start saving and get monthly rewards!

*$398 and other savings claims based on electricity in Texas comparison to TXU Free Nights & Solar Days 12 plan as of 3/25/2021 for 1,000 kWh of usage per month in ONCOR TDU area; savings based on full year of usage. Promotional funds available for Pogo Energy services only and not refundable. Same day power-on depends on your TDU’s ability to process our request timely to have your power turned on—we control a lot of things, but we can’t control how fast your TDU processes new power-on requests.

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