Much like human beings have milestones like weddings, anniversaries and birthdays, #brands have milestone moments, too! For most companies, that’s something like rebranding or selling stocks or finally getting invited to join the Illuminati. We haven’t done any of those (yet), but we did hit a milestone recently! 

In the grand scheme of things, this is basically the #brand equivalent of getting a new haircut, but we’re still excited about it! We bought a new funny domain, y’all so we can be “the cool energy company”!

Look What We Did!

Don’t worry, you can still find us doing our thing (blogging about The Bachelorette and giving you energy saving tips) here at PogoEnergy dot com. All we did was give y’all a new way to get there.

Clean energy and saving money are two of our three favorite things

Allow us to introduce you to

Clean energy and saving money are two of our three favorite things (Whataburger is up there, too), so we like to think it checks all of the boxes. What boxes are those? Glad you asked! 

Clean: We only provide 100% clean energy, so when you choose us as your energy company you’re basically saving the world. There’s some nice positive karma for y’all. 

And: Just imagine the ghost of Billy Mays kicking down your door and screaming “BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!” That’s us right now. 

What we stand for…

Cheap: We don’t mean this in the “if we give you a ride we’re gonna Venmo request you for gas money once you get out of the car” sense. Nope, you can expect to save money with us – up to $387 per year, to be exact – because we don’t resort to the same dirty tactics that the other guys do. No hidden fees, daily alerts to help you monitor your usage, etc.… plus Pogo Rewards! Cheap electricity is the same as expensive electricity, so why pay more?

AF: It stands for “As F–” [touches earpiece] uhhhh ahem we mean “and fun,” we’re now being told by our lawyers that it’s “and fun” now. Clean and cheap and fun. Yup, that’s it.

So, next time you’re browsing the internet and forget our name (it’s four letters long but hey stuff happens), you can always just type and you’ll end up right on our virtual doorstep. The kind of doorstep you unfortunately can’t bring Whataburger to. We’re working on that technology next.  

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