Looking for cheap electricity? Hey, good for you, more people should! Unfortunately, it’s almost as tough to find as it is to define – despite all of the advertisements out there promising low rates – but hey, you’ve come to the right place for both of those answers!

First, yes, we have cheap electricity – but don’t call us “cheap”, please. We certainly provide energy at a lower cost to you than a lot of the other guys, because we know that in our modern world, electricity is a necessity, and shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Why do some electric plans on the Power To Choose site cost less, though? For that, let’s go to our Marketplace Fairness Correspondent*, Caelynn from ABC’s The Bachelor. Hey Caelynn, is cheap electricity different than expensive electricity, or the same?

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[*Note: She doesn’t work for us, it was just the first GIF that popped up when we typed ‘same’]

Thank you, Caelynn from ABC’s The Bachelor!

So, will your lights flicker if I choose a “cheap electric company”? Absolutely not.

Will your grandma’s chili recipe take longer to bring up to a simmer on your electric stove? Dude, no, but share that recipe with us.

Is the electricity different in any way? Nope!

See, we all get our power from the same Transmission and Distribution Utilities (TDUs) across Texas. You have the power to choose how much you pay, and how you pay for it. So “cheap lights” doesn’t mean lower quality.

In other instances, yeah, going cheap isn’t a great idea. How do you feel after picking Taco Bell over Torchy’s or Chipotle? Not great!

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Love you, Torchy’s! Send us free tacos please!

Sometime we have to buy some  cheap shoes, and they just don’t last as long and they’re not as comfortable. And let’s skip past that time you saved some money one-ply toilet paper. You see where we’re going with this, folks, and “cheap” can get pretty ugly.

What about with utilities? Good luck streaming the best show on Netflix (spoiler alert: it’s Jeopardy! reruns) on the cheapest internet plan. Skimping on your cable TV package (or skipping it altogether) might not be a huge deal if you have your friend’s HBO Go password. But don’t you hate getting cheap (and bad) internet service. After all, Game of Thrones is coming back soon, and we can’t wait to see if [REDACTED SPOILER] finally kills [REDACTED SPOILER].

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We’d just be happy with more screen time for the direwolves, to be honest.

Electricity is a different story, though, because of *what* makes it expensive. Why do the big guys charge more? Do they have some kind of special VIP electrical grid with a velvet rope, sparklers and bottle service? Nope. Is it artisanal, hand-crafted electricity? Nope.

Obviously, if there was some kind of VIP section, we would’ve been on the guest list.

The difference isn’t the electrons themselves – it’s the companies peddling it. They pretend that their plans are the cheapest, then lock you into a long-term contract and make their profits off of all the hidden fees they didn’t tell you about. You shouldn’t need a law degree to save on your energy bills – electricity is a necessity! – but with some of these contracts, that’s the only way.

Contracts and fees aren’t the only shady practices these companies engage in. That “free nights and weekends” plan you signed up for is probably a scam, too.

And energy companies with higher rates don’t have much reason behind that. Do they charge more because of their customer service? Ha, good one. You’ve called your electric company with a billing questionThat usually ends with their customers doing this.

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(Of course, if you do want good customer service… well, click here)

So, even if a company claims that they have the lowest rate, you can bet they’ll make up for it with fees. And… if a company has a high rate, you’re not really getting anything extra for that money.

Want actual cheap electricity? Here’s how: find a better energy company. Like us!

You won’t find any hidden fees here, not because they’re hidden *really* well, it’s because we don’t have any to begin with. Same goes for things like deposits, credit checks, annual contracts, snakes, etc.

What we do have, though, is a ton of extremely satisfied customers, low rates, full transparency, excellent service, 100% clean energy, fresh baked cookies (just kidding on that one – we wish!) and a burning desire to change the electricity game in Texas. In other words, you could pick us on price alone, but there are so many other reasons to switch.

Speaking of paying less, you know the best way to do that? Actually being aware of your usage in real-time! Our pay-as-you-go model (also known as prepaid electricity, but without all the dirty tricks that many prepaid providers pull) includes daily text alerts telling you how much energy you’re using. Putting you in control helps you reduce your usage, which means reducing your bill no matter what your rate is.

Looking for cheap electricity? Hey, it doesn’t get any cheaper than free – and we’ll cover your first three days at no cost to you and no strings attached. Don’t like us? No worries – you can cancel any time – but we’re confident that won’t happen.

Between helping you cut your usage, not charging you hidden fees and not locking you into a long contract, we think we’ve got the perfect recipe for *actual* cheap electricity.

You’re pretty hip, right? You tried out a new taco spot before any of your friends. You saw that hilarious tweet before it went viral. You listened to Chance the Rapper back in his mixtape days – way before he was winning Grammys.

Still, as you age gracefully into your mid-20’s (or late 20’s… or if you just turned 29 again), staying ahead of trends gets even harder. Your life is busy now! You’re not as plugged in, you don’t really *get* this whole Soundcloud Rap thing and while you definitely won’t tell anyone, you got a bit hungry after seeing an Applebee’s commercial last week.

Listen, we’re not saying that you peaked a few years back or anything, but maaaaaaybe you’ve lost your fastball. Your recommendation used to really mean something, right? Well, we can help you recover some of that hipster cred, and save you plenty of taco money in the process.

Here’s the secret – and stick with us here, because it sounds pretty wild: pay as you go power.  More commonly called ‘prepaid energy’ (which we scoff at), it actually rocks, as long as it’s done the right way. Paying as you go means no hidden fees, no BS (bill shock) and full transparency. You know, the way we expect things to work.

Discovering prepaid energy is like when you dealt with crummy lunch options near your office until one day, you stumbled upon an great pho place tucked away in an alley. What do you mean, this has been here the whole time while I’ve been suffering? Making a discovery like that is great on its own – but when it replaces something you’re sick of anyways, that makes it even better, right?

Odds are, you (and your friends) are getting ripped off by one of the big guys – and getting shocked by sky-high bills at the end of each month. That ‘free nights and weekends’ plan you signed up for? Buddy, it’s a scam.

Once you try pay-as-you-go power, you’ll kick yourself for not knowing about this sooner, and you’ll be the first to tell all your friends about it. More money in your pockets means more margaritas for you and your crew, right?

Not sold on prepaid electricity just yet? Hey, we get it; most other prepaid companies trick and scam you just like the big guys. That’s why Pogo Energy exists: to do something right, and do it the right way. Here are some more reasons why you should give it a chance (not the rapper).

Wait why is this here? We said *not* the rapper. Does anyone proof these things?

Pogo Puts You In Charge
Raise your hand if you’ve ever had to adjust your budget after getting an energy bill, and missed out on a great night out with your friends. Unless your parents are oil barons, it’s probably something you’ve experienced. Well, with prepaid electricity, you know – and control – how much energy you’re using every day.

Worried about spending too much on energy? Our daily alerts let you know how much energy you’re using as you’re using it – not a month later, when it’s too late to make adjustments to your energy consumption – so you can make some adjustments to your usage.

Hate it when all of your bills hit at once? Never worry about that again. Our pay-as-you-go model means you make payments at your own pace, depending on your financial ability and budget. No more wondering how you’ll get to pay day!  

No Deposit, No B.S.
There’s no sugar-coating it: signing up for a new energy company usually suuuuuuuuuuucks. You pay a huge deposit and fees way before getting that wildly unpredictable (and likely way-too-high) bill after the first month.

Why pay twice (and too much!) for that first month of energy? Want no deposit electricity? With Pogo, there’s no deposit and no invasive credit checks. You just enroll on our site, charge up your account with as little as $20 and boom, your power will be on later that day.

Connection fees? Nope.

Disconnection fees? Nah, son.

Reconnection fees? See above.

Low balance fees? Never. Why are these even a thing?

Spiders? Don’t have those, either.

Snakes? We’re afraid of ‘em, don’t judge.

In summary:

The only thing that we can’t help with is the crushing weight of your parents’ expectations, but if it helps, we’re not gonna judge you for anything.

No Contract
Have a fear of commitment? Hey, no judgment here.

Here at Pogo Energy, we don’t require you to sign your life away with a long-term contract. We’re pretty darn confident that you’ll be satisfied with your service (after all, our customers love us), but if you don’t, it sure doesn’t help anyone to lock you into a long-term deal. That’s how the big guys make money, and it’s not fair.

Save Money
Again, a dollar saved is a dollar you can put towards tacos. With Pogo, your rate will be 20% cheaper than conventional billing power companies – plus we break down your usage and, as mentioned above, send you daily updates.

So, in addition to our lower rates, we’ll help you keep your usage low, which doubles up your savings! Go ahead, add that guac, champ.

100% Clean
Can’t shake the feeling of existential dread that comes with knowing that your money is going towards a company that is making everything worse for everyone? You know, like flying on Delta?

Well, those big energy companies are among the worst offenders when it comes to carbon pollution. Here at Pogo, we use only 100% renewable energy, which is just as reliable and effective as the energy you’re getting from the big guys, but without harming the environment.

We sure hope that’s something that matters to you – we’re trying to save the world, after all – but even if it’s not, it’s a cool bonus on top of all the savings!

n addition to everything above – the fair pricing, the transparency, the ethical practices – we also won’t ever, for any reason, turn off your power at night, on weekends, holidays or during extreme weather. Even if your balance goes negative, we won’t disconnect you.

Need a deferred payment plan? We offer one – and don’t have any fees, interest or credit checks associated. The only condition – and our nerdy lawyers made us put this in – is that you have to repay prior to terminating or switching service. But hey, we know you’re good for it.

On the fence about trying us? Have your first five days of energy on the house.

Go ahead, try us out. You’ll want to tell your friends about it. And hey, if everyone starts talking about how great Pogo Energy is next year, you’ll get to say you liked us before we were cool.

Just like that, you’ll have your fastball back.  

Ugh, prepaid electricity, right?

Why would anyone want to know how much energy they’re actually using before they have to pay for it? It’s so much more fun to sit back, crank up the heat in your home and roll the dice to see just how much bill shock you can absorb this month.

That mindset is crazy, right? Well, odds are it’s exactly what you’ve been doing. Yeah, yeah, we know, prepaid electricity isn’t for you because prepaid energy companies suck. We’ve all heard about their their sky-high prices, hidden fees and dishonest rates. You’re wise to distrust them. They’ve earned it!

However, when done right, pay as you go power (aka prepaid electricity) can really rock! Despite what you’ve been conditioned to think, you can have cheap electricity, that’s 100% clean with no deposit, long-term contracts or hidden fees.

At Pogo Energy, we think it’s high time to kill an antiquated industry, and we believe there’s only one group we can call to help – or, in this case, send an Instagram DM to – millennials.

Millennials Love Prepaid Electricity

Millennials killed [blank] is the new Florida Man – you’re in charge of a fill-in-the-blank, choose-your-own adventure where the outcomes are equally unpredictable and hilarious. Napkins? See ya, we’re just using paper towels now. Applebee’s? Let’s find a local hole-in-the-wall instead. Extravagant diamond engagement rings? No thank you, we have student loans to pay off.

Headlines about millennials’ impact on now-antiquated industries read like obituaries, and each one leaves an impression that they’re acting as some sort of economic Thanos, stopping at nothing to destroy ridiculous and antiquated marketplaces.

Well, millennials, we’re here to help you find the rest of the Infinity Stones – so long as you put those greedy energy companies at the top of your list for the next ones to go.  

Those “Millennials kill traditional power companies” headlines are long overdue, but we’ve been brainwashed into thinking there’s only one way to get electricity: their way. It’s time to fight back, and the best battleground is the great state of Texas where deregulated energy has given you the ability to take control. Novel concepts like affordable energy, no BS (bill shock), treating customers right and transparency are finally within reach here in Texas.

When’s the last time you heard of an energy company treating someone right? (Pogo Energy notwithstanding, with our 4.9+ star reviews!) And at Pogo we’re committed to doing more than just treating our customers right, we treat our planet right, too, with 100% clean energy at no additional cost to you. According to Rice university researchers, Texas is one of the few places in the entire world(!) with enough wind and sun to sustainably power its entire grid. We want to be at the forefront of that, whereas the traditional energy giants (and the dishonest prepaid power companies, too) don’t – or if they do offer clean energy, they charge you a premium for helping to save the world.

That’s not right – and it shouldn’t be the norm. Millennials haven’t just been killing antiquated industries – they’ve been sending a message that confusing, unfair or exploitative business models aren’t going to be around much longer. Energy in Texas should be the next thing on the millennial hit list.

When done right, pay-as-you-go electricity (please don’t call us prepaid) is perfect for taking control away from the giant energy companies and giving it back to the people. For example, we send daily alerts and don’t have any hidden fees, so you always know what your bill is going to look like, and you have the power to come in under your budget by adjusting your energy habits before it’s too late.

Millennials’ spending power has become a threat to companies that don’t wish to adapt and treat their customers with respect – and our goal is to provide that in an industry that’s long been devoid of fairness.

Snap Out of It and Get Prepaid Electricity

It’s time to snap out of it! Ditch that preconceived notion of prepaid electricity and try Pogo. You’ll get transparency, a fair deal, excellent service and the satisfaction of knowing that your money isn’t propping up long-time CEOs of an antiquated and exploitative industry. If you, your friends, and your friends’ friends all snap out of it, well, those exploitative energy giants will feel a different kind of snap.

Thanos Snapping Fingers

Added bonus: if you enroll now, we’ll throw in your first three days of electricity free, so there’s absolutely zero risk.

Long-term? On a bigger scale, with your help, we plan to reshape Texas and ensure that all energy companies – prepaid electricity or not – start acting ethically and sustainably. We could even blaze a trail to a sustainable grid – using Texas’s ample wind and solar potential.

But even if we don’t quite get there this year, we’re at least down to meet our millennial friends for lunch at some place that isn’t a soulless corporate chain with microwaved appetizers. Who’s up for some street tacos?

You’ve done your research–spent endless hours on websites looking for the best deal and posted on social media, asking friends for recommendations. Why does looking for a power company take more effort than finding a date (and it’s a lot less fun)?

So, you finally found one you think works for you: no contract, no connect or disconnect fees, low rate, no deposit, and no late fees. On paper you’re a perfect match! You’re all ready to go and hit the “sign me up” button, but at the last minute, you realize it’s prepaid electricity. UGH! You weren’t looking for prepaid. You don’t know if prepaid is right for you. Sure they’re perfect for you and all… But now you’re back to square one on finding Mr./Ms. Light. But, wait…Are you?

Think about what prepaid actually does for you: knowing what you’re getting yourself into  before you’re stuck with it. And now you start to realize everything that you prepay for already! You don’t get off of a plane and get a surprise bill. Just imagine. With everything airlines nickel and dime you for these days, they might hand you a bill with a surcharge for not going down in a fiery crash. Well, you did ask for ice and get up to use the bathroom.

You prepay for concert tickets, your Starbucks order, your Toll Tag, your groceries, your gas. You pay for hundreds of products and services before you use, eat, enjoy or consume them. You do this almost everyday of your life. The reason you do this is that you know exactly what you are getting for your money.

It’s the same with prepaid electricity–even better because you decide how much your bill is going to be. With Pogo Energy there are no deposits, no commitments, and no cancellation fees. So what’s the risk? Anything you don’t use if you cancel gets refunded back you you. What a concept! You only pay for what you use–no hidden fees, no disconnect charges, no joke.

Get started for as little as $20 and recharge whenever you want. It’s actually better than when the dreaded electricity bill comes, and it’s never what you expect (and not in a good way). The bill shock is real. You realize that attractive rate that you thought you were getting was just a teaser, and after they’ve heaped on all of the hidden fees and charges, your perfect 10 went to a zero in a hurry. Why risk a blind date with your electricity bill, especially when they’re usually an expensive date too?

Making that connection can be electric, figuratively and literally. Wouldn’t it be nice to know someone’s quirks and peccadilloes before spending a substantial amount of time and money before finding out that you aren’t a good match? This is why prepaid electricity is such a great match for so many people, there are no long term contracts, so if you aren’t a match you can just leave. There’s no expensive dinners either, $20 gets your electricity turned on. No awkward probing questions because there are no credit checks, and you never get rejected because everyone is guaranteed to get power turned on.

Pogo Energy has more than a great personality. Sure, we’re 100% clean energy, no contract, no connect or disconnect fees, and we’re also prepaid, which is something you wanted all along but didn’t know it. Prepaid electricity means you decide what your bill is going to be and how often you’re going to pay it. Sound good? Ready to break up with your current provider? We thought so.

Has your electric bill doubled or tripled recently? Chances are you haven’t changed anything, but Mother Nature likely has.

We get it. Nobody likes BS (bill shock) from their electricity company – especially when your bill doubles without warning.

Here are the Top 5 reasons your energy bill may have increased so much.

#1 – It got hot (or cold) outside: up to 50% of your electricity usage is due to the cold or hot weather

Believe it or not, about half your energy bill is due to something completely out of your control: the weather. When the weather jumps to 90 degrees or more here in Texas, your Air Conditioner kicks in and causes your electricity usage to double (or worse!). And if you have an electric heater, the same usage (and bill) spike happens when a “cold snap” hits.

At Pogo Energy, we believe that knowledge is power, and that’s why we provide you daily usage updates. Even when the weather spikes, you won’t be surprised with a huge bill 30 days later. With Pogo, you know each day how much you’re using, and you can take action.

So how do you lower your electric bill then? You have two choices: you can either gain super-hero powers and learn to control the weather, or you can adjust your thermostat. (Option 2 might be more practical.)

By changing your thermostat by as little as two or three degrees, you could lower your bill by 10% or more. While that’s no way to reduce your bill down to what you pay in the Spring or Fall, those couple of degrees on your thermostat can really help. So go ahead and wear your swimsuit around your home or bundle up a little extra in the winter when mother nature decides to go crazy.

#2 – Your using old-school lightbulbs: time to change to LED lights

It may seem crazy to change your lightbulbs before they burn out, but a new LED lightbulb could save you $10 a more per year per lightbulb vs. an old-fashioned bulb. Have you got 20 lights? Then, you might save $200 a year. New LED lightbulbs us as little as 10% of the power of that old-school light bulb.

Renters tip: save that old bulb for when you move out (if it still works). LED lightbulbs can be a bit expensive, so if you want to lower your monthly light bill right away by replacing an expensive, working bulb, then save that old bulb and swap it back in before you move out. You paid for those LED lightbulbs, and they’re expected to last 50X longer(!) than that old, incandescent bulb. So be sure to take your LED bulbs with you when you move. (And be sure to take Pogo with you, too – we’re a lot easier to move to your new place than your sofa.)

#3 – Your water heater is working too hard: lower the temperature on your water heater, and maybe give it a jacket (insulation)

I bet you didn’t even know you could do that, right? Your water heater is responsible for up to 25% of your monthly electricity, so it’s worth taking a closer look at how to make it more efficient. If you have access to your water heater, the easiest thing to do is make sure it’s temperature is set to no more than 120°F.

If you’re looking for a fun DIY project, then check out this exciting video from the US Department of Energy on how to add a jacket to your water heater: Insulating Your Water Heater Tank.

#4 – Your appliances aren’t running at top efficiency: do the small things

Your appliances, like your clothes washer and dryer, and your refrigerator, use about 20% of your monthly electricity budget. While the 1990s were great for that grunge look (where apparently doing your laundry was optional), there are things you can do to lower your energy use and keep your clothes clean and fresh.

  • Keep your refrigerator and freezer full (but don’t overdo it)
  • Clean that lint trap in your clothes dryer before every load
  • Try to wash and dry a full load of clothes when possible
  • Turn off the heated dry setting on your dishwasher
  • Air dry your laundry – put that shower curtain bar to good use
  • Change your AC air filters once a month
  • Clean (gently vacuum) your refrigerator’s condenser coils

#5 – You’re paying for things outside of your control: the dreaded TDU charges

About 40% (or more) of your electric bill is completely out of your control – in fact, these charges are outside of our control, too, sorry! The company that delivers the electricity from the power generators (like the wind farms and solar fields) to your home is called a Transmission and Distribution Utility, or TDU.

Your TDU is responsible for managing all those high-voltage wires running across the great state of Texas, and magically (and safely) changing that electricity to the voltage that works in your home. They’re on call 24x7x365 in case of emergencies or outages (usually due to weather). Learn more here >

So, while nobody likes paying extra for stuff, your TDU serves a vital purpose in delivering your electricity, and they charge you a fee for this. Rest assured that at Pogo Energy, we never mark-up these charges from your TDU – they’re passed directly through to you, no tricks or gimmicks by us.

We get it: you’re looking for cheap electricity, and you discover a Free Nights electricity plan or a Free Weekends electricity plan, and you think, “Great! I can afford a lot of free.”

Let’s start off by saying that at Pogo, we’re completely transparent with our customers – no tricks, gimmicks or “gotchas!” We’re here to let you know that the Free Nights electricity plans and Free Weekend electricity plans are a trick – Don’t fall for them!

Here’s the catch – Those nights may provide free electricity, but did you know that during those daytime hours, you’re paying more than double to keep your lights on?

That’s not a typo – More. Than. Double.

You could pay as much as 15.6¢ per kWh for your peak, daytime electricity on these plans. A typical energy rate for standard, non-gimmick plan is about 6.5¢ per kWh – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

Those Free Nights electricity plans are absolutely crazy (not to mention unfair)! With a plan like that, you could be over-paying for your electricity by $30 every single month (that’s $360 a year!) – Didn’t they say you were getting FREE electricity?

And we haven’t even taken into account their early cancellation fees – Up to $295! Plus they have deposits, credit checks and other month-end BS (Bill Shock!) – Pogo Energy doesn’t!

Pogo Energy customers could save $300 a year or more compared to the other guy’s “Free Nights” plans.* Plus, we provide 100% renewable, clean energy – So you can save money while you save the world! All in a day’s work…

Check to see if we provide 100% renewable energy for your home, with no deposit and no tricks. Then have a great rest of your day because it only takes you 2 minutes to enroll, with no strings attached. Really, it’s that easy!