Way to be a Superhero - Saving $$ and the World!

You’ve joined a community who want to make a difference. You get to do ‘good for others’ while ‘doing good’ for yourself – talk about a WIN – WIN. We thank you for choosing Pogo! As one of the brilliant ones in the world, we hope you’re maximizing the benefits of Pogo and enjoy conquering the last frontier … energy consumption.

Here are some of the great Pogo benefits …

  • Save up to $387 a year
  • Daily usage updates
  • No BS
  • Recharging your way
  • No Commitment

Use HE front loading washer – use 66% less water, reduce heating costs – SAVE $$ on electricity usage

Only run your dishwasher when filled to capacity (but not overloaded) & air dry – save $35+ per year

Take shorter showers (5 – 7 mins) – 2 people cutting shower time can save $30 + per year

Pogo Rewards Your Way

You just got $25 added to your Pogo Rewards balance! With Pogo Energy, you get $25 Pogo Rewards dollars EVERY MONTH you’re a customer (and sometimes, we even give you that bonus Pogo Rewards gift too – like a $5 account credit – be on the lookout for these special messages so you can select your gift)!

Your rewards are bankable and never expire. They can be used to save on popular name-brands, local deals, at stores, restaurants, hotels, movie theaters and so much more. PLUS, Pogo customers can enter the Gift Card Giveaway every day, for a chance to win an Amazon.com Gift Card*!

Have You Seen Our Blog?

Check it out for energy saving tips and more!

How To Reach Pogo

Just reply to one of your daily usage update text messages (or send a text to 24197) with one of our keywords!

  • Text BAL for your current account balance

  • Text DPP to set up a Deferred Payment Plan

  • Text LAST to get your last recharge amounts

Click here for a full list of interactive text keywords

You can reach us Monday – Friday, 7am to 6pm and Saturday, 9am to 4pm

Recharging Your Account

Pogo Energy gives you a few ways to recharge your account

Thank you for joining Pogo Energy! You're now part of a community who's giving their old energy company the finger.